Server Bans

Wolfia has several Global Laws which apply server-wide (unlike other laws which only apply to certain regions). These include the following:

  • Be respectful to others
  • No spamming or advertising
  • Listen to Server Admins
  • No cheating (hacks, mods, exploits, anything that gives an unfair advantage)

Breaking these laws can result in being banned from the server.

Bans are only given after consideration from server admins. Less than three bans have been issued in the past five years the server has been running.

If banned, a brief reasoning will be seen when trying to connect to the server, as well as a link to this page. For more details, or to dispute your ban, leave a message below. Please include your Minecraft username, approximate date of your ban, and email address. You will receive a response via email.

4 thoughts on “Server Bans”

  1. I only used a stick, that is all I received. I was banned from the server unjustly! It wasn’t my fault all of the server exploded. The TnT under the roads and the library and the rest of the desert – I have no idea where that came from.

  2. Lo, it is I, Wolf Lord. Master of the realms, lord general of all living thing. By my vengeance I shall return and smite all that those foolish alchemists held dear and sacred!

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