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The Banmas winter festival has begun!

Our annual winter festival, Banmas, has begun! This is our biggest Banmas festival yet, with all new events, and returning favourites.

As usual, all events are hosted by Kyle, out of the Banmas Hub at Necrowolf Manor. The hub has been decorated, as well as spawn, and the mall! Warp to the hub by talking to the NPCs at spawn, or by typing /Banmas.

Banmas 2017 Events

Advent Calendar: Every day, a new gift will be available at Necrowolf Manor! Head up the stairs and collect your daily gift!

Elytra Skiing Challenge: Can you master Elytra flight as you descend from a mountain? If you are successful, you get to keep the Elytra! Type /skiing to go to this event.

Writing Contest: The Writing Contest is back! Write a Banmas/holiday/winter-themed story, poem, or song (even a parody!), and drop it off at Necrowolf Manor. The best entries will be published and writers will be rewarded!

Building Contest: We are doing a Building Contest! Build any sort of Banmas/holiday/winter-themed structure or artwork, and show it to an online admin. You can build anything you want, anywhere in Wolfia! The best builders will receive rewards!

Scavenger Hunt: Our most popular event, the Scavenger Hunt, is back! Find chests marked with spruce trees, and collect the Banmas Cookies! Cookies can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the month.

Winter Arena: We are considering hosting an arena battle! If you are interested, tell an admin.

Fall 2017 Updates

Been a while since I’ve done a blog post here! Here’s what we’ve been working on recently…


City of Aberdeen, Eborin

Our custom roleplaying plugin, RealmsCore, has received a variety of new features! For those who are not aware, a realm represents a nation or faction in the world of Wolfia.

You can now send messages to other members of your realm with /msg realm <message…>

Realm leaders, you’re now in control! Invite and kick people from your realm, change the colour, tagline, and name of your realm, and assign titles to players.
If you have sub-realms under your rule, you can do all of this stuff to that realm too.
/realm <realm name> <invite/kick/addofficer/removeofficer> <players…>
/realm <realm name> set <color/fullname/tagline> <new data…>
/realm <realm name> title <player> <new title…>

I’m still working on a system for creating new realms. Until then, you can let me know in-game if you’d like to start your own realm.


Researcher at the Aunix temple

The next big plugin… RealmsStory is what will bring all the lore that we’ve developed, into the world.

You may notice NPCs throughout the world. You can talk to most of them, and they’ll recognize you (if you have a title/realm) and may tell you something interesting. Sometimes, you can choose a message to respond to the NPC.

These NPCs may tell you about quests you can complete, or offer help to you.
Realm leaders, you can now give orders to NPCs in your realm! Supply your guards with equipment, and ask them to follow you (they’ll follow you anywhere, even if you teleport), or guard a particular spot. They’ll fight monsters on their own, or you can tell them to attack a particular target.
Talk to Kyle to get some NPCs for your realm.

More NPC interactions will be coming soon.

The Blade of Light

New players* will notice a unique item in their inventory when they first join: The Blade of Light.

This blade, while only a wooden sword, is unique with an introductory message to our lore. It also has the player’s username and join date on it.

If you show your Blade of Light to the researcher at the library, he’ll tell you a little more about the lore.

*if you’re a returning player, and would like to get your Blade of Light, ask Kyle, he will give it to you. If you lose the blade, it can also be respawned for free.


First, the bad news: Our Magic plugin has been pushed back due to some major changes to the design of spells. It may not be ready until later this year, or possibly even early next year.

Now the good news: Spells are going to be much more flexible and useful! The new spells are made up of “words” – components of spells. Combine them in different ways to make unique spells.

For example, if you start with a Flame word, and combine it with a Projectile spell word, you’d get a fireball spell. If you added an Explosive word, the fireball would also explode on hit!

Words can be combined in any order, with different effects depending on where they are in the spell. Some words may be useless in some spells, while others may be extremely powerful.

Experimentation is key to finding effective spells. Once you’ve created a spell, it remains in your hotbar (so you can have up to 10 spells prepared at a time). You can also permanently save and share spells in books.

Banmas is here!

Banmas has arrived in Wolfia! Banmas is our winter holiday, similar to Christmas. It runs throughout the month of December.

As with last year, the hub of Banmas activities is Necrowolf Manor (Kyle’s house in Intwil). You can freely warp there by typing /Banmas in-game.

Daily gifts are back! Every day, visit Necrowolf Manor for a gift. There will be a new gift every day, and each gift will only be available once. Each item is unique and crafted especially for Banmas, so don’t miss out.

The Scavenger Hunt may make a return soon. Still getting this one ready.

The Arena will receive a new winter theme as well. PvP is operational, you can join an arena battle now and fight against other players for rewards and bragging rights! There may also be special Banmas events coming to the Arena.

Other events, such as the Writing Contest and Building Contest, may or may not return, depending on how popular Banmas is. If you’re interested in these, get a bunch of people on the server who are willing to participate!

1.8 Update, Staff Changes, Survival World Changes

1.8 Update

Due to various reasons (which I will not get into here) we are not able to get fully functional server software for Minecraft 1.8. HOWEVER, the server will be updated so that you can login from any version of Minecraft. That means that if you have Minecraft 1.7 OR 1.8, you will be able to play on the server. The downside of this method is that the new content in 1.8 will not yet be available.

This update will be completed next weekend, most likely Saturday October 4th.


Staff Changes

For simplicity, I am changing the Staff ranks. All Staff will have green brackets now.

Kyle will have all “mod” powers,  architect powers, and the ability to gain full access to anything on the server. This applies on all worlds except for Aedoric, where he will have no powers.

The rest of the Staff, Andrew, Sonic, Walker, Flower, Maddi, Crystal, and Sam, will have “mod” powers on all worlds. This includes all of their existing powers, as well as some more. These people do NOT have access to Creative mode, God mode, or Fly. (This however may change later)

Andrew, Sonic, Cole, and Glenn will also have access to their architect powers on the Creative World only.

This is basically reverting to our previous Staff system, except that Kyle will have slightly more powers than everyone else (Lead admin bragging rights?).

If you have any questions about this, please ask in-game, in the comments here, or on Twitter.


Survival World Changes

As previously announced, Wolfia is currently closed to the public. Quite a bit is changing regarding gameplay and overall architectural details (for example, roads and many buildings have been remade). A full list of changes can be found here, it is often updated with new changes and ideas.

Wolfia is expected to reopen, at least partially, sometime in the next few weeks.

As for Aedoric, it will be staying as our “standard” survival world. The majority of plugins will not be used on Aedoric, and there are no Staff powers that allow “cheating”.

The New World: Aedoric

As most of you probably know, we recently opened a new survival world! This world is now our main survival world, although Wolfia is still up.

The name of this new world is Aedoric (pronounced a-dor-ic or ae-dor-ic).

Aedoric has been open for a few weeks now. At the moment, most of the buildings are fairly spread out. The portal on this world is located in front of my house (Necrowolf Manor), though it will soon be moved to the main square when that is complete. The actual city is only starting to come together, we do not have many roads yet. The city is located on a continent, far northeast from 0,0.

Currently, we do not have any official rules or laws for this world. Server-wide rules and guidelines do still apply though.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more details about Aedoric, including a rather lengthy list of things that you can help with. The first post should be up sometime this weekend.

Aedoric is now live on the server, you can access it from it’s portal at the new Spawn. This world is survival-only, with the exception of some large projects. See you in Aedoric!