Server Announcement

I have decided to remove Aedoric and any Creative Worlds. Instead, the server will be focused entirely on what it’s always been about since day one: the world of Wolfia.

Wolfia is now the only world on the server, and it is now my only Minecraft related project. The server will be entirely dedicated to this single project.


This may not make sense to you. Wolfia IS an old world. The server DOES need a new survival world.

Except, it doesn’t. I no longer have any interest in running a “public server” with all kinds of worlds, game modes, and activities. There is no point for me to try to do that anymore. If that is what you want, go elsewhere. Many of you have already done so.

Wolfia is still going to be a world based around an in-depth economy system, lore, and other interesting gameplay. Right now, I am calling it a work-in-progress. It’s open to everyone, but is far from finished.

I said I would not shut down the server anytime soon. I’m still not going to. But I’m not worrying about attracting new players right now. Someday in the future, I’ll be encouraging new players to join, but that day is not today. The server is here for me and anyone who is still here.


And if you are still here, I would like you to stay. You don’t have to, but the server is still here for you too. You’ve been a part of Wolfia’s history and I’d like you to be a part of Wolfia’s future. Whether you decide to stay or not, thank you for being a part of this server.


  • Kyle _N

1.8 Update, Staff Changes, Survival World Changes

1.8 Update

Due to various reasons (which I will not get into here) we are not able to get fully functional server software for Minecraft 1.8. HOWEVER, the server will be updated so that you can login from any version of Minecraft. That means that if you have Minecraft 1.7 OR 1.8, you will be able to play on the server. The downside of this method is that the new content in 1.8 will not yet be available.

This update will be completed next weekend, most likely Saturday October 4th.


Staff Changes

For simplicity, I am changing the Staff ranks. All Staff will have green brackets now.

Kyle will have all “mod” powers,  architect powers, and the ability to gain full access to anything on the server. This applies on all worlds except for Aedoric, where he will have no powers.

The rest of the Staff, Andrew, Sonic, Walker, Flower, Maddi, Crystal, and Sam, will have “mod” powers on all worlds. This includes all of their existing powers, as well as some more. These people do NOT have access to Creative mode, God mode, or Fly. (This however may change later)

Andrew, Sonic, Cole, and Glenn will also have access to their architect powers on the Creative World only.

This is basically reverting to our previous Staff system, except that Kyle will have slightly more powers than everyone else (Lead admin bragging rights?).

If you have any questions about this, please ask in-game, in the comments here, or on Twitter.


Survival World Changes

As previously announced, Wolfia is currently closed to the public. Quite a bit is changing regarding gameplay and overall architectural details (for example, roads and many buildings have been remade). A full list of changes can be found here, it is often updated with new changes and ideas.

Wolfia is expected to reopen, at least partially, sometime in the next few weeks.

As for Aedoric, it will be staying as our “standard” survival world. The majority of plugins will not be used on Aedoric, and there are no Staff powers that allow “cheating”.

The State of RoW: August 2014

We’ve made some major changes to our survival worlds. Also, our Creative World is now open!


The world of Wolfia is temporarily CLOSED to the public. It is being refined into an Economy world; a world based around money and trading, of items, land, services, and more. The world itself will return, but there will be more than basic survival gameplay when it returns!

Wolfia IS open to all Staff, and if you have a bed set in Wolfia, you can also enter it. It will be reopened to everyone within the next few months. More details will be available closer to its return.




2014-08-20_11.56.31Aedoric has been reset. Because several Staff (including myself) overused Creative Mode on the world, we thought it was unfair to others, as this is a Survival World, and decided to reset the world.

If you had any chests or buildings on Aedoric, unfortunately they are lost. Your inventory and Ender Chest on Aedoric will be accessible on Wolfia, when it returns.

The new Aedoric is survival only, even for Staff. Admins do not have most of their permissions here, so they must play in Survival Mode. No Creative, no God Mode, no Fly. I have even decided to set myself to Default on this world, meaning I am not even part of Staff on Aedoric.

You can enter Aedoric from its portal at Spawn. Please note that inventories are now separate from Wolfia and Spawn. Have fun surviving!






Our Creative World is finally open! It has been open to Architects, Staff, and invited players for a while, but now it is open to everyone!

2014-08-20_12.15.17The world is divided into many large zones, each 1500×1500. Each zone has a certain theme, such as Medieval, Modern, Pixel Art, Redstone, Organic, and more. The world is still being set up, and Cole is not yet finished a system to travel between zones, so there may be issues. Ask Cole (or another Staff member) if you need help or have questions.

Also, builds from earlier Creative Worlds still have to be copied in. This will happen sometime soon.

You can enter the Creative World from its portal at Spawn.

The New World: Aedoric

As most of you probably know, we recently opened a new survival world! This world is now our main survival world, although Wolfia is still up.

The name of this new world is Aedoric (pronounced a-dor-ic or ae-dor-ic).

Aedoric has been open for a few weeks now. At the moment, most of the buildings are fairly spread out. The portal on this world is located in front of my house (Necrowolf Manor), though it will soon be moved to the main square when that is complete. The actual city is only starting to come together, we do not have many roads yet. The city is located on a continent, far northeast from 0,0.

Currently, we do not have any official rules or laws for this world. Server-wide rules and guidelines do still apply though.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting more details about Aedoric, including a rather lengthy list of things that you can help with. The first post should be up sometime this weekend.

Aedoric is now live on the server, you can access it from it’s portal at the new Spawn. This world is survival-only, with the exception of some large projects. See you in Aedoric!

Another Update on 1.7

First of all, the 1.7 update is now available for the server. I am working on getting it working, however, there is a lot I want to do to prepare the server.

We’ve been using the same world (Wolfia) for nearly two years now. In this time, plugins and other worlds have changed, and of course the Minecraft version. We’ve gone from having a few plugins and only Wolfia on 1.2.5, to Rykania and Wolfia on 1.4.2 with quite a lot more plugins, to our current multiworld server with over 30 plugins on 1.6.4. There are a lot of old files left over in the server files, many of which are no longer needed. This has lead to some recent crashing, glitches, and overall it is not exactly a stable setup.

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The Return of Wolfia, 1.7 news, & Merry Banmas!

This is going to be a long blog post. I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I should have been, but now that I have some more time, I will try to post more often.

First of all, Merry Banmas to everyone! There is a lot I planned for Banmas, however, due to the long downtime (which I will explain below), it looks like most of it will not be happening. I will be giving out several Banmas gifts within the next few days, and I may do New Years fireworks if I can.

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