Welcome to Akenland! We’re a small, RPG-inspired, community-focused Minecraft survival server.

We’ve been building a huge world, full of in-depth lore, for our players to roleplay in. We have many towns and cities across four regions, or farthings. You can team up with other players and join a realm, or head out on your own, even start your own town!

For the brave, two of the four farthings are PvP regions, while the other two are no-PvP, for those who prefer a more relaxed environment.

Our world is an infinite, customized Minecraft world. You can head out into the untamed wilds for a classic survival experience, build in our cities, or explore the custom biomes that break up the world.

We’ve always focused on building a great community. Our server is a tight-knit group, built up over six years, and you’ll notice we keep the gap between staff and players to a minimum.

We’ve even synced in-game chat to Discord, so you can chat from anywhere!

We welcome everyone to join us!

Our custom plugins echo our values, with the roleplaying-focused Project CoRE, powering the vast majority of server functionality.

Learn about Ethrynism, as you discover our custom magic plugin.
With over 30 all-new magic enchantments, you’ll be able to create powerful and unique weapons that suit you.

We don’t place rank restrictions on any of our plugins – everything is open to everyone.

We regularly test out new gameplay ideas – anyone can join in!

Project Story brings the world to life, with dynamic quests and NPCs, that recognize your accomplishments, and guide you through our stories.

Fast travel around the world with our save-point-inspired Warpstones system.

Right now, we’re testing new magic enchantments, and our activity-tracking Journal system.

We’re also testing out a new PvP game mode called Capture the Warpstone!

RPG-Inspired, Lore-Driven Minecraft Server