1.7 Information – The Update that Changed the World

Minecraft 1.7.1 (The Update that Changed the World) will be released in a few hours, and it brings all new biomes, plenty of new blocks and features, and a lot of optimization and fixes. It’s a huge update, probably the biggest update since Minecraft 1.0!

However, the problem with such a major update is that the plugins for the server will have to be updated. This normally takes 1-4 weeks, and until then, we will be staying on Minecraft 1.6.2. We could update to 1.6.4, however there is no point in updating now and then updating again in a few weeks, especially since there are no new features in 1.6.4.

Now for the good news: There’s quite a bit of new stuff coming to the server with the 1.7 update! Here is a list of what is planned, this may be changed around before the update.

  • New Respawn Hub: The new spawn, quickly get to any major area of Wolfia, or discover other worlds. Join a minigame with friends (including Cops & Robbers and 24/7 Hunger Games), or party in the VIP Lounge on the lower level. There’s a lot to see and do in the Respawn Hub!
  • Wolf Arena: Mob arena may (finally) be set up soon! Test your fighting skills and gain rewards as a team, solo, or free for all.
  • Updated Rules: The Server Rules book is being replaced with a new Server Guide book. Server-wide rules have been heavily modified.
  • VIP Lounge: Located on the lower level of the new Respawn Hub, choose from many songs (yes, actual songs, that means every Minecraft parody you could ever want) and get free food! Open to all VIPs, Builders, and Staff.

And the biggest update coming, an all new survival and adventure world, based around factions, skills, dungeons, and an epic storyline: Chronicles of Rykania

Here is a quick list of what will be in Chronicles of Rykania (CoR)

  • Survival World: No creative mode will be used when playing on CoR.
  • Factions: There will be 2-4 factions (maybe more if we get enough players), each with around 4-8 members.
  • Skills: There will be a variety of skills you can level up to earn special abilities and bonuses. The plugin mcMMO will be used for this, details here.
  • Gameplay Challenges: Health will not regenerate, and you cannot use beds, you will spawn at a pre-defined spawn point for your faction. Difficulty will be set to Hard.
  • Mini-Adventures: Dungeons, castles, fortresses, ruins, and more will be scattered across the land, full of both dangers and treasures.
  • The Plague: Explore the city of Glaivendale, fighting new enemies and searching for items found nowhere else, as you discover the city’s secrets. More information coming soon.

We do need some people to help build the city of Glaivendale, if you are interested, go to http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2034867-purple-and-pink-cookies-in-other-words-we-need-builders/

More information about everything listed above will be available as we get closer to the 1.7 update. For now, have fun in 1.6.2!

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