Banmas is coming!


It’s December, and that means it’s time for Banmas!

Banmas is Wolfia’s official winter holiday. This is the first year that we will be celebrating Banmas on the server! Just so you know, Banmas is just a name, there will be no actual banning. There are several planned events, including contests, gifts, and much more.

Events will all run at Wolf Mansion. Type /Banmas to warp there! Most events will start within the next week, and continue until January 1st. Banmas Day is December 25th, there may be special events on this day if anyone is online that day.


Advent Calendar: Collect a daily gift, everyday in December at Wolf Mansion

Building Contest: Build the best Banmas or Winter themed building on either Creative or Wolfia. Details are TBD.

Writing Contest: Write a Banmas or Winter themed story, song, or poem. Be creative! Details are TBD.

Promotions: Two staff members are getting promotions, as well as some overdue VIP promotions. For now, the date is December 25th, this may change depending when people are available.


Other Possible Events

If there is enough interest for these events, they will be added.

Arena Battle: A winter-themed Arena championship. Will either be at Wolf Arena or a “Snow Arena” outside Wolf Mansion.

Snow Maze: Search through a maze to find gifts, while avoiding killer snowmen.

Scavenger Hunt: Explore Wolf Mansion for hidden gifts.

New Year’s Eve: If anyone is interested, we may celebrate New Years, at least for the EST time zone. CST is possible but unlikely, PST is highly unlikely.

More details will be posted soon. Ask Kyle for more information. Merry Banmas!

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