Possible Change to Ranks

There has been some recent discussion about a complete redesign of the Rank system. After quite a bit of discussion about this, I have a new Rank system that may work.

Our Current Ranks

Default: Normal players, no special permissions or perks

VIP: Players that have been on the server for a while, perks include God Mode, Jetpacks, special items, Heal, and some others

Builder: Access to Creative Mode, WorldEdit, and VoxelSniper on Wolfia, for building large projects

Guide: “Transition rank” between VIP and Mod, basic staff commands such as Kick, Jail, Mute, TP, and the Block Inspector

Mod: Everything of Guide, plus everything of Builder, mid-level staff

Admin: Highest level staff, full access to EVERYTHING

Issues with this system: VIPs are too overpowered, there are large gaps between the three staff ranks


Possible New Ranks

Default: Same as before, normal players

VIP: Still the players that have been on the server for a while, but replacing God, Heal, Jetpack with various fun effects and plugins (such as TARDIS, RideThaDragon, Pets, and more)

Builder: Same as before

Staff: See below

In this system, VIPs are no longer overpowered, and all staff ranks have been merged, to eliminate the gaps.


Possible New Staff Rank

In this new rank system, all three staff ranks would be merged into one. All staff would have the exact same powers. If this happens, we will have six equal staff: Kyle, Galvin, FlowerFox, Sonic, Glenn, and Maddi.

The powers of these six staff would be equal to the current Guide rank. This means we would have NO true admins.

If any one of the staff does need to use Builder powers, or Admin powers, there will be two temporary “ranks” that can be used: Builder Mode, and Operator Mode. Any staff member can use these special modes at any time, however they will be carefully watched. As Operator Mode would allow any staff member to have complete control over the server, they MUST have a valid reason to use it.

If all staff agree on this system, we will begin a test run of it before the end of the year. If it goes well, we will keep it. If not, it will likely be reversed to the current three-staff-rank system.

There are two other Mods and one Guide, however because these players are not active on the server, they will not be part of the new Staff rank…at least not yet.


Looking for Feedback

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please tell Kyle in-game. This new rank system is a work in progress, and will likely be refined over time. If the majority of players agree to this, we will begin testing out this new system before the end of the year.

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