Another Update on 1.7

First of all, the 1.7 update is now available for the server. I am working on getting it working, however, there is a lot I want to do to prepare the server.

We’ve been using the same world (Wolfia) for nearly two years now. In this time, plugins and other worlds have changed, and of course the Minecraft version. We’ve gone from having a few plugins and only Wolfia on 1.2.5, to Rykania and Wolfia on 1.4.2 with quite a lot more plugins, to our current multiworld server with over 30 plugins on 1.6.4. There are a lot of old files left over in the server files, many of which are no longer needed. This has lead to some recent crashing, glitches, and overall it is not exactly a stable setup.

I am planning to start with fresh server files, only keeping what we actually need (such as worlds). This means that all plugins will need to be reconfigured, some plugins may be added or removed, quite likely a more complete Rank overhaul, and maybe even a reset of the economy system. While this will be a lot of work for me and will delay the 1.7 update, I feel that it will be worth it for the future. Wolfia will therefore be staying on 1.6.4 for a few more days.

I am also switching the server software from Bukkit to Spigot. We’ve used Bukkit for over a year as a way of using plugins, but recently I have discovered Spigot. From what I have read, it is much more optimized and has many tweaks that should enhance the server. All plugins will continue to work, you will likely not notice a difference.


Rank Overhaul

I’ve already discussed this when it first came up, though after some more thought and a test run of the new Staff rank, I have made the decision to keep the new Staff rank.

The new Staff rank is still being refined, I am adding and removing permissions as I need to.

As for VIP: God, Heal, Fly, and Jetpack have been removed and are probably not returning. They are too much like cheating, not only is it unfair for defaults, it is just too overpowered for so many people to have. I am looking into other ideas for VIP perks, including TARDIS, freely ridable Dragons, Mob Pets, custom particle effects, and more. There will also be a VIP Lounge with music and free food, only for VIPs and Staff.


Economy System Reset?

I am considering a reset of the Economy, this would mean that everyone’s balance would be reset to $2000. This is probably not going to happen, but it is a possibility, especially if Eborin and/or others open their own Banks and Economy Systems.


When is the 1.7 Update Coming?

Soon. I am not going to give an exact date. It will be before 1.8 comes out. 🙂

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