The Past and The Future of Wolfia

As of Thursday March 6th, 2014, the world of Wolfia has existed for two whole years. Quite a lot has happened over that time, and I thank you all, especially the Staff, for staying and making this world into what it is today. There is no way that this server would still be up if it wasn’t for the great people that are the Staff.

The Past

Back in March of 2012, I had recently started playing Minecraft, and decided to set up a server just so I could access the same Minecraft world from my desktop computer and my laptop. From there, some of the Sporumers wanted a Minecraft server to play on, so I gave out the IP and Wolf Town was built by me and these early players. One of them was Andrew (GalvinNerth), who became the second admin of Wolfia after offering his help to the server. It was like this for a long time, with many new players joining, though some disappeared after a while. This was the start of the server that we now know as Wolfia.

In particular, I thank Andrew, one of the only first players who is still here today, for his massive number of contributions to the server. He has influenced this server more than anyone other than me, and is largely responsible for it’s success. While I do not always agree with him, he is a huge part of this server. Andrew, as well as the rest of the Staff, are very important to me and the server. I thank all of you for being here on Wolfia.

I have recently found some old backups of Wolfia, in case you would like to visit the world as it used to be. They can currently be found on my OneDrive (look in the Worlds folder), eventually they will be uploaded directly to the website. As I find more backups, I will upload them. There are also backups of other worlds too, including old Rykania and the original Chronicles of Runnach!


The Future

Wolfia is an old world now, full of history, memories, and landmarks. Most servers would not keep the same world for such a long time, but I have. I would like to keep it on the server for as long as I can.

However, space is getting limited in Wolfia. It is so hard to find places to build now, and to put it simply, many people are bored of the world. Especially with 1.7’s biome overhaul, it seems like it is time for a new world.

Wolfia WILL remain up as a world on the server. Details about the new world have not been decided yet, we are still in early planning and I would like to have input and ideas from all of the players. This will become the main world on the server, and all players will be encouraged to start building and playing on the new world.

More details on this new world will be coming very soon.

2 thoughts on “The Past and The Future of Wolfia”

  1. I would like a world similar to wolfia, but in a 1.8 format. A world where people can sometimes get creative mode to help build piblic buildings. Also, Wolfia needs some old plugins back. ~Eric -Sorry I have not been on in a while.

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