The State of RoW: June 2014

For the past few weeks now, the server has been fairly quiet. There haven’t been a lot of people on (not even Staff), and there hasn’t been a lot going on. I’m going to try to sum up what is going on with the server, as well as my future plans for the server.

This is a long post, so I’ve bolded the important parts.


What is going on with the server right now?

First of all, the server has been very quiet. Barely any people come on anymore. There are a few reasons for this, one is that the past few weeks have likely been busy for many people (including myself) as it is the end of the school year for most. Another reason is that the server has not been updated past 1.7.2, while 1.7.9 came out weeks ago.

I have been busy with other things for the past few weeks, which is why I haven’t updated the server. I should have more free time now that I am done school. I have not abandoned the server, it’s just not usually my top priority. I am planning to update the server by the end of the week. It will be updated to support all versions of Minecraft 1.7 (1.7.2 – 1.7.10).

Once the server is updated, we will begin advertising again. This means that we should get many new players. And once we have more players, we will be able to do more kinds of fun events! We have the new world, Aedoric, ready for players new and old.


Future Plans

I know that some of you are also wondering about my future plans for the server. Short-term, I plan to continue building up Aedoric, as well as the Creative World, and the upcoming Adventure/RPG world.

As for long-term…First of all, I plan to keep the server up for at least two more years. After that point, if the server is still active and I can still run it, it will most likely stay up. The worlds Wolfia and Aedoric will also stay up, as long as they are functional.


Creative World

A lot of you have been asking for the Creative World. We DO have a Creative World, however you must be invited to it by an Architect or Admin. It WILL be public someday, but I cannot give a date for this. We haven’t yet built a spawn or discussed rules yet.

Also, the Architects (Cole and Glenn) are fully in charge of the Creative World. If you have any questions about the Creative World or Builder rank, ask Cole, he is in charge of those things.


I will discuss plans for Aedoric in a separate post.

Adventure World

The Staff are currently working on an Adventure/RPG world. It is nowhere near complete at this point, so I cannot give any dates or details about it. It’ll be ready whenever we manage to finish it.

Staff & Ranks

I’m still finalizing Staff. I recently added the following three people as Mods: Walker_Zombie, FlowerFox, and DragonessCrystal. They have most of the Admin powers. Our current ranks can be found here.


I think I’ve covered everything I need to. If you have any other questions, please comment below, or ask me in-game.

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