Server Announcement

I have decided to remove Aedoric and any Creative Worlds. Instead, the server will be focused entirely on what it’s always been about since day one: the world of Wolfia.

Wolfia is now the only world on the server, and it is now my only Minecraft related project. The server will be entirely dedicated to this single project.


This may not make sense to you. Wolfia IS an old world. The server DOES need a new survival world.

Except, it doesn’t. I no longer have any interest in running a “public server” with all kinds of worlds, game modes, and activities. There is no point for me to try to do that anymore. If that is what you want, go elsewhere. Many of you have already done so.

Wolfia is still going to be a world based around an in-depth economy system, lore, and other interesting gameplay. Right now, I am calling it a work-in-progress. It’s open to everyone, but is far from finished.

I said I would not shut down the server anytime soon. I’m still not going to. But I’m not worrying about attracting new players right now. Someday in the future, I’ll be encouraging new players to join, but that day is not today. The server is here for me and anyone who is still here.


And if you are still here, I would like you to stay. You don’t have to, but the server is still here for you too. You’ve been a part of Wolfia’s history and I’d like you to be a part of Wolfia’s future. Whether you decide to stay or not, thank you for being a part of this server.


  • Kyle _N

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