The Mid November Progress Update!

Wolfia has been progressing well (although slowly) so I figured I’d do a short progress update for it. It’s sorted by categories for your (in)convenience. Enjoy!


Economy and Gameplay

The Bank of Waramon has almost been fully planned out, you can see that here. All that’s left to do is actually build the bank!

The Bank of Eborin is delayed until further notice. I’m getting the first bank up and running before I even try a second bank.

The arenas are nowhere near finished yet. To be specific, I haven’t even started them yet. I’m just waiting for inspiration before I start! (In other words I am very lazy)

The Government of Waramon is more or less planned out, I just have to write it down. Basically that means I have to write down what our laws are, how much power the governors have, stuff like that.

Eborin’s government is something I haven’t started any planning for, as I have no idea what I’m doing with it yet. Most likely I will be looking for someone to be Eborin’s governor/king/emperor/thain/whatever-we-decide-to-call-it. If you are interested in ruling over Eborin (and who wouldn’t be?) let me know.

There’s also a lot of stuff related to Wolfia’s history (Wolf Lord’s history, not server history) that I have to do. I’m planning on restoring the Wolf Lord’s castle (sort of) and building museums and all that fun stuff. That stuff is next on my to-do list, after I finish Intwil.

mcMMO is set up on the server and should be working as intended. Same with TARDIS. Go level up your skills and kill people with your Sonic Screwdriver. Just don’t kill me, like someone did. (not saying any names, but we all know it was Walker)



Wolf Town is finished.

Desertia is finished. (See, I actually DID get two things done!)

Aloki is coming soon. It may come sooner or later depending on how much a certain someone asks me when it’ll be finished.

Pumpkin Town is not finished yet, but it’s being worked on slowly. It also needs a new name. If you’ve got any ideas for names, send them to me.

Espilo needs a lot of work, I haven’t started it yet.

Intwil is what I’m currently working on. The main square and the Clocktower are done, new mall is almost done, the mansions are being worked on, Waramon Square is being worked on, and the new Spawn and museum will be built soon. My goal is to get Intwil finished as soon as possible.


Eborin hasn’t been started yet, as I’m not 100% sure of what I’m doing with it. Right now it’s blocked off as it does need quite a bit of work.


Sholkingham and Runnach

These two are mostly wilderness, so not much to do here. Anything needing to be done is very minor.



This website is being worked on slowly as well, I just redid the homepage. The Live Map is back on the homepage, and I’ve tweaked the layout. Because I can. I’m also adding content (like Server History) whenever I have time and inspiration. (Two things that do not always come at the same time)

I recently learned that putting Ethernet switches under a water pipe is not a good idea. I did not have internet for several hours last Tuesday. I also did not have water because it had to be shut off it fix it. :/


I think that’s all the progress I have to report to you all. If you think I am lazy, you’re probably right. But still, the projects in Wolfia will get done eventually!

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