Mid-December Progress Update

Another month has gone by, time for another progress update! Wolfia has been progressing quite well, and is now ready for all players to join in!

As with the last progress update, this one is sorted by category.

The City of Intwil

Intwil is basically done. Anything else needing to be done here can be done as the city grows.

Mall is built, there’s still some things to finish, but it’s open.

The new spawn is done, it’s actually part of the new train station. It’s called Union Station, and is located in southern Intwil (the Wood District). The spawn is on the main floor (which is mostly finished), the train station is on the lower level (which is not yet finished). It will be finished soon.

Necrowolf Manor is done (for now).

Waramon Square is done (for now).

The other mansions and houses aren’t getting much work YET, they are a low priority for me at this time.

Trees have been planted EVERYWHERE. No more bare land everywhere!

Dregmorre Village may get some more work soon.


Other Waramon

Nothing else has been done in Waramon yet, the northern Waramon towns will be completed at a later date.


Eborin, Sholkingham, and Runnach

Everything to do with these areas will be completed at a later date. I am focusing on the starting land (Waramon) first. All roads to Eborin have been blocked off.


1.8 Update

Will be completed at a later date. I believe you can now join the server from any version of Minecraft between 1.7.2 and 1.8.1, if not then I will fix that soon.



I may do some Banmas decorations, maybe some gifts (only a few though). No big Advent Calendar or contests this year, although I may do a small scavenger hunt. This will be in place about a week before Banmas Day (December 25th).

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