Mid-January Progress Update

The server has been fairly quiet recently, as it usually is in January. I myself am busy with final assignments for school, and therefore haven’t been spending a whole lot of time on Minecraft. Therefore there’s not a whole lot to report this month.

All of the changes have been in the City of Intwil for this month.


Mall has received some more work, the full Bank is almost ready, as well as a new TARDIS shop, Redstone shop, and various other stores.

The Weapon Shop in the Mall is now open, selling exclusive items that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Some of the items include Rocket Boots (basically like the old jetpacks), Flamethrowers, and the Necromancer Staff of Destruction!

The first Train route is open. It goes from Union Station (the new spawn in the Wood District) to the Mall and Clocktower in the Market District. More train routes to come later.

Waramon Square’s government building is nearing completion. Offices, conference rooms, storerooms, farms, all almost done.


That’s about it for the month. As mentioned above, not a whole lot to report due to me being busy, but still some progress!

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