Mid-March Progress Update

There was no February progress update. I’m lazy.


As of March 6th, Wolfia has existed for three years! As the server is a bit quiet right now, we didn’t do anything to celebrate. Maybe next years?

March 6th was also the day which Waramon was established, in 2013. February 26th was Eborin Independence Day.


Here’s the progress in the past two months:

The Bank of Waramon is now open, on the lower level of the Mall. The ATMs are not yet functional, and Safety Deposit Boxes are not yet available, but other than that everything should be functional.

Waramon Square is complete and all floors are now open. There’s still some minor work to do but it’s open.

A second train route, from Union to Wolf Town, is now open. The train route to Desertia has also been reopened.

Necrowolf Manor is nearing completion, most of the main house and yards are now finished.

The Warcaston Arena is undergoing a complete renovation and will be opening very soon. It can be accessed by Train (once it is open). It’s looking really good so far, definitely a lot nicer than it used to be!

Other regions and towns are not a main focus right now.


As for the 1.8 update, it has been postponed indefinitely. The admins are basically boycotting 1.8 right now because it breaks some of our plugins, mods, and even texture packs. There’s also nothing that we desperately need 1.8 for. We may just skip 1.8 entirely and wait for the next major update.

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