A Long Overdue Update

So…it’s been a long time since the blog got updated. The server has still been running without an issue for the past few months, and we’ve made a lot of progress on building up the world. The City of Intwil is much more developed now (though still a work-in-progress), the new Arena was just finished a few days ago, and many more minor things were done. There’s still much more to come, but Wolfia has come a long way in the past few months.

We’re still on 1.7, and that’s the first point I’d like to discuss. We’ve stayed on 1.7, because, well, basically, if it’s not broken, why fix it? There simply isn’t much new stuff in 1.8 that we could use, and for a very long time, some of our main plugins were not compatible with 1.8. This is no longer an issue, though it is far more difficult to update now. However, I am happy to finally announce, the server WILL be upgraded to Minecraft 1.8.

I can’t promise when it’ll be completed, but I have started working on it now. I’m also planning to do some hardware upgrades to the server (nothing too major), though that should not extend this too much. The server will remain online as much as possible, I will do my best to minimize the downtime.


Now that that’s out-of-the-way, I’d like to share some details of what’s going to be coming to Wolfia over the next months:


As I announced a while back, Wolfia is being reimagined as a new type of survival world, based heavily around lore. The lore has been built up over the years, with many small stories and quests scattered throughout the world (such as E Quentor). We’re going to continue building up this type of lore, but I think it’s time to unveil the main storyline of Wolfia, the centerpiece which ties everything together, and the one the world is named for.

The main storyline will revolve around the rise and fall of the wolves who inhabit the world. Ancient civilizations, wars that shaped the worlds (yes, more than one world), warriors, werewolves, knights, alchemists, and the Wolf Lord himself. This will all be revealed through RPG-style quests.

I’m also exploring ideas for rebranding the server, to better express the idea of a lore-driven, RPG-style world.

The City of Aberdeen

Aberdeen is being heavily revised, and there’s still a lot to do, so you won’t be able to explore it just yet. It’ll be coming soon though.


This is a major new feature, a whole new way to instantly travel around Wolfia. Warpstones will be found throughout the world, and work like a “return ticket”. They allow you to return to a previously visited location, such as your home city, and then later return to where you left off. This is a pretty complex topic, as there will be different types of warpstones, each with unique advantages and limitations. More will be explained later.


Another RPG-like element, quests will be available throughout the world, and will have different tasks and rewards. This also means new locations to explore, and new one-of-a-kind weapons and rewards.

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