Quick Update on 1.8

Just wanted to keep you all updated with the latest status update on the 1.8 server update.

Right now I am doing some major cleanup of old files that we no longer need, such as old maps and logging data.

Plugin list is being worked on, though it does not look like we’re making any changes from what we currently have. No new or removed plugins (yet), just updated versions of current ones.

As I mentioned previously, the server will only need to be down for maybe an hour or two, as most of the update process can be completed without affecting the running server. The actual process is:

  1. Get the latest version of Spigot (server software)
  2. Get the latest version of all plugins
  3. Set up the new server version and plugins
  4. Take down the 1.7 server, transfer the world and data into the new 1.8 server
  5. Load up the 1.8 server and hopefully everything works

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