Server Update – 1.12

Minecraft 1.12 just got pushed back to Wednesday June 7th. Spigot, our server software, is expected to be available on Thursday, so we will most likely update on that day.

The update process should be pretty smooth, we’re not expecting any major changes or complications. Lots of behind-the-scenes tweaks planned though, in preparation for future plugins!

Our new custom Realms plugins are working very well so far. Here’s a quick overview of each one:

Core: This plugin provides a lot of core functionality needed for other plugins. It includes the permission system, nicknames, titles/styling, and the new Conversations system which you’ll start seeing around the world. Some NPCs can now be right-clicked to talk to them. Possible answers are listed, and you can click one to respond to the NPC.

Warpstones: This is our new warping/teleportation plugin. It includes our unique Warpstone fast-travel system, and all teleportation commands. Some refinements will be coming to warp commands soon, including the return of the /mall command, and better messaging when you are unable to teleport (such as being too far away). I’m also gonna reduce or remove the loud warping sound, it’s far too loud and jarring.

Magic: Probably the most exciting plugin so far, this is our all-new Magic plugin! It includes skills and spells, based around our lore.

There are four branches of magic: Warg (survival skills), Eborite (alchemy/manipulation of objects), Sholk (harvesting/nature), and Rhun (destruction). You can earn XP and level up each branch by completing actions associated with that branch.

Every time you level up a branch, you can pick a skill or spell to unlock. Skills are passive abilities that are always active once unlocked, and Spells are abilities that can be equipped and then cast.

You can start earning XP in branch now! The skills and spells cannot yet be unlocked, but will be available soon. We’ve been testing them and they are quite fun, especially in PvP!

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