Warpstones – Wolfia’s unique fast travel system

Our new, unique fast travel system is now mostly complete! Warpstones provide a way to quickly return to previously visited locations around the Akenlands and beyond.

You can recognize warpstones as floating lapis and stone structures, often found near towns and points of interest. Activate one, and then return to it later with /last. You can only return to the last warpstone you’ve activated, unless you have a new magical item (detailed below).

You can also use /sethome at a warpstone near your home to permanently save it. Then, return to it at any time with /home. You can also use /spawn to return to the warpstone at spawn, in the City of Intwil.

While using warpstones, you may discover a unique blue dust. This Warp Dust can be used as an alternative to Lapis Lazuli, however it has a far more useful purpose. Craft four Warp Dust into a Warp Shard, and then carry it to a warpstone to transform it into a useful magic item, allowing you to save the location of the warpstone in the shard itself. You can use at any other warpstone later, or trade it to other players.

Warp Dust drops rarely when activating a warpstone (other than your home and spawn warpstone), so you will need to activate many warpstones to collect enough dust for shards. This rarity, combined with the usefulness of shards, makes it a highly desirable item in the realms of Wolfia.

Note: Custom item textures are included in our resource pack, Revival. You must have the resource pack to see the appropriate textures for the new warp items. Download the pack here, or by typing /revival on the server.

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