Fall 2017 Updates

Been a while since I’ve done a blog post here! Here’s what we’ve been working on recently…


City of Aberdeen, Eborin

Our custom roleplaying plugin, RealmsCore, has received a variety of new features! For those who are not aware, a realm represents a nation or faction in the world of Wolfia.

You can now send messages to other members of your realm with /msg realm <message…>

Realm leaders, you’re now in control! Invite and kick people from your realm, change the colour, tagline, and name of your realm, and assign titles to players.
If you have sub-realms under your rule, you can do all of this stuff to that realm too.
/realm <realm name> <invite/kick/addofficer/removeofficer> <players…>
/realm <realm name> set <color/fullname/tagline> <new data…>
/realm <realm name> title <player> <new title…>

I’m still working on a system for creating new realms. Until then, you can let me know in-game if you’d like to start your own realm.


Researcher at the Aunix temple

The next big plugin… RealmsStory is what will bring all the lore that we’ve developed, into the world.

You may notice NPCs throughout the world. You can talk to most of them, and they’ll recognize you (if you have a title/realm) and may tell you something interesting. Sometimes, you can choose a message to respond to the NPC.

These NPCs may tell you about quests you can complete, or offer help to you.
Realm leaders, you can now give orders to NPCs in your realm! Supply your guards with equipment, and ask them to follow you (they’ll follow you anywhere, even if you teleport), or guard a particular spot. They’ll fight monsters on their own, or you can tell them to attack a particular target.
Talk to Kyle to get some NPCs for your realm.

More NPC interactions will be coming soon.

The Blade of Light

New players* will notice a unique item in their inventory when they first join: The Blade of Light.

This blade, while only a wooden sword, is unique with an introductory message to our lore. It also has the player’s username and join date on it.

If you show your Blade of Light to the researcher at the library, he’ll tell you a little more about the lore.

*if you’re a returning player, and would like to get your Blade of Light, ask Kyle, he will give it to you. If you lose the blade, it can also be respawned for free.


First, the bad news: Our Magic plugin has been pushed back due to some major changes to the design of spells. It may not be ready until later this year, or possibly even early next year.

Now the good news: Spells are going to be much more flexible and useful! The new spells are made up of “words” – components of spells. Combine them in different ways to make unique spells.

For example, if you start with a Flame word, and combine it with a Projectile spell word, you’d get a fireball spell. If you added an Explosive word, the fireball would also explode on hit!

Words can be combined in any order, with different effects depending on where they are in the spell. Some words may be useless in some spells, while others may be extremely powerful.

Experimentation is key to finding effective spells. Once you’ve created a spell, it remains in your hotbar (so you can have up to 10 spells prepared at a time). You can also permanently save and share spells in books.

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