The Banmas winter festival has begun!

Our annual winter festival, Banmas, has begun! This is our biggest Banmas festival yet, with all new events, and returning favourites.

As usual, all events are hosted by Kyle, out of the Banmas Hub at Necrowolf Manor. The hub has been decorated, as well as spawn, and the mall! Warp to the hub by talking to the NPCs at spawn, or by typing /Banmas.

Banmas 2017 Events

Advent Calendar: Every day, a new gift will be available at Necrowolf Manor! Head up the stairs and collect your daily gift!

Elytra Skiing Challenge: Can you master Elytra flight as you descend from a mountain? If you are successful, you get to keep the Elytra! Type /skiing to go to this event.

Writing Contest: The Writing Contest is back! Write a Banmas/holiday/winter-themed story, poem, or song (even a parody!), and drop it off at Necrowolf Manor. The best entries will be published and writers will be rewarded!

Building Contest: We are doing a Building Contest! Build any sort of Banmas/holiday/winter-themed structure or artwork, and show it to an online admin. You can build anything you want, anywhere in Wolfia! The best builders will receive rewards!

Scavenger Hunt: Our most popular event, the Scavenger Hunt, is back! Find chests marked with spruce trees, and collect the Banmas Cookies! Cookies can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the month.

Winter Arena: We are considering hosting an arena battle! If you are interested, tell an admin.

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  1. Wow the server looks beautiful, is that bottom image inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas? The scene where Jack is in his house contemplating what Christmas means

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