Item Overhaul is Coming Very Soon – Early Rebalancing

In order for us to rebalance existing items in a way that is fair and consistent, we’d like to start collecting items for Conversion.

This is currently optional, but will greatly help us make balancing decisions that everyone can be happy with.

If you have enchanted items (particularly those with custom enchantments or rare enchantments), and would like to participate, you have two options:

1) Fill out an Item Conversion Form and drop off your item at the Conversion Center near spawn. We’ll hold onto your item until rebalancing is complete, and return it to you at that time.

2) If you’d prefer to hold onto your item, contact an Admin in-game, and they’ll take a copy of your item (leaving you with the original). We’ll use this copy to help determine how to balance items. If your item will require conversion, you’ll still need to bring it to the Conversion Center later on – but you can keep it for now.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks everyone!

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