Item Overhaul & Conversion FAQ

We are in the final steps of preparing the Item Overhaul! This will bring over 30 all-new enchantments, and more ways than ever to tell your own story with personalized items.

What will be happening

We are making sweeping changes to a massive number of items on the server. Because of the way the new system works, many existing items must be converted.

You will be notified if you try to use an item that requires conversion. Bring it to the newly-opened Conversion Center at spawn, and we’ll get it sorted. The Conversion Center is located to the right of the spawn exist, next to the CTW Warpstone.

How Conversion works

The new item system is based around Levels. Every item has a level. This makes it easy to compare items at-a-glance. Item Levels range from 0-100.

When converting an item, we start by deciding what level it should be.

Player-made items
  • Levels 1-10: early survival gear
  • Levels 10-25: mid-tier survival gear
  • Levels 25-40: high-tier survival gear
  • Levels 40-60: top-tier survival gear
Lore/questing items
  • Levels 50-55: low-tier lore items
  • Levels 55-65: mid-tier lore items
  • Levels 65-80: high-tier lore items
  • Levels 80-100: top-tier lore items (ultra-rare, there will only be three in the entire world!)

Once we’ve sorted the item into one of the categories above, we look for a combination of enchantments that will bring it as close as possible to the desired level.

We’ll try to preserve the set of enchantments on the item – unless you’d prefer us to prioritize certain ones. Let us know how you want your item to perform, and we’ll try to accommodate!

Note that the old Custom Enchantments have been removed. In many cases, these enchantments will be replaced by a similar new enchantment.

What are the new Enchantments?

We know you’re all excited to try out the new Magic Enchantments! We won’t be revealing how every enchantment works, you’ll have to experiment… but here’s the names of them.

The enchantments are separated into four branches of magic. Each branch has 9 enchantments at this time.

Warg – Survival & Loyalty
  • Pack Ranger (bow)
  • Protector (chestplate)
  • Last Word (any weapon)
  • Hellhounds (chestplate)
  • Bolt (boots)
  • Support (any weapon or armour)
  • Charge (any melee weapon)
  • Air Strike (any weapon)
  • Beastmaster (bow)
Ebori – Alchemy & Manipulation
  • Levitate (any melee weapon)
  • Ice Aspect (any weapon)
  • Constructor (bow)
  • Ender Guard (chestplate)
  • Transmute (pickaxe)
  • Smelt (pickaxe)
  • Ender Shift (chestplate)
  • Sky Walker (boots)
  • Rainmaker (bow)
Sholk – Gathering & Healing
  • Shatter (bow)
  • Chain (tool)
  • Life (any weapon)
  • Warning (chestplate)
  • Barkskin (chestplate)
  • Sniper (bow)
  • Tracking (any weapon)
  • Druid (boots)
Rhùn – Destruction & Corruption
  • Ring of Fire (any weapon)
  • Thunder (any weapon)
  • Bound (any item)
  • Toxin Strike (any melee weapon)
  • Assassin (any weapon)
  • Rampage (any weapon)
  • Livefire (boots)
  • Magma Strike (any weapon)
  • One more enchantment TBD

What are the new options for personalizing items?

We’re still working on this, we’ll announce details when this part is ready to launch.

When is all this going to be available?

We are starting testing right now! The item overhaul will be rolling out over the weekend!

Please note that this is in early preview, and there may be bugs. Please ask Kyle if you have any questions.

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