The State of Akenland: February 2019

We’ve got a ton going on right now, so I figured I’d give a quick overview of everything’s that’s new and coming soon to the server!

Item Overhaul & Magic Enchantments

This is a big one… read the separate blog post about it!


After the Magic Enchantments are complete, my next focus will be Questing.

We already have part of the questing system in-place, but it’s far from complete. We’ll be introducing the full dynamic questing system soon, which will include a massive number of tailoured quests, telling the stories of the world and its characters.

There will also be a Party system – multiplayer questing. Start a quest with your friends, and you’ll automatically be placed into a party. Everyone will be able to interact with NPCs as a group, and use teamwork to complete objectives.

City of Intwil Redesign

I am working to revamp the City of Intwil, to make it easier to navigate, more visually appealing, and create room for expansion.

This will be a drastic overhaul to the entire city – including Spawn, the Mall, Necrowolf Manor, the Library, and other key areas, as well as a full redesign of the terrain and road layout. If you have suggestions, please ping me in-game or on Discord!

New Warpstones Features

We have some exciting new features planned for Warpstones!

Warp Hearts will be a new, extremely powerful item. Once crafted, it must be carried through many Warpstones before it can be useful. A charged Warp Heart can be used to save any location into a Warp Shard, or even create an entirely new Warpstone!

There’s also one feature that a lot of you will be really happy to hear about – but it’s still in early planning. Here’s a hint though: it’s a PvP-friendly way to keep items on death, with a twist of Warp magic!

Economy Overhaul

This one is also in early planning, but it’s pretty cool, so here’s a little teaser.

  • Realms can create their own currency!
  • Trade between realms
  • Mail/delivery service
  • All-new shop system: more interactive, reliable, and realistic

Most of this will be introduced alongside the revamped Intwil Market District. It will serve as a place to demonstrate the new economy systems!

Changes are coming to TARDIS

As we’ve grown as a roleplaying server, and developed our lore, magic, and gameplay, it has gotten difficult to see where TARDIS fits on our server.

The following concerns have been raised by players:

  • Can be used to travel past walls/into hidden areas in the PvP regions
  • Can be used to hide stolen goods
  • Items cannot easily be stolen from TARDISes, giving an unfair advantage over those who hide their items in the PvP region
  • Can be used to enter/exit areas extremely quickly, and without much difficulty, making them hard to fight and defend against

Additionally, admins have the following concern:

  • Players can smuggle illegal items inside of TARDISes, making it hard for admins to track down items
  • The idea of a mobile base in an alternate dimension doesn’t work well when we have a massive, in many cases hand-built, overworld for players to build and explore
  • Extremely difficult to balance TARDIS gameplay with other gameplay
  • The plugin is easy to exploit, such as farming blocks from rooms
  • Stolen goods can be compressed in the Artron Condenser, making them impossible to track down
  • The plugin has a performance impact on the server
  • Parked TARDISes add clutter to towns and roads, and get in the way
  • TARDIS doesn’t fit with our lore or magic
  • None of the admins have any interest in playing with the plugin
  • TARDIS clashes with the new Warpstones gameplay

For these reasons, we will be retiring the TARDIS plugin over the next few months. We will start by blocking creation of new TARDISes, while existing players will continue to be able to use them.

Over the next three months, we will slowly turn off TARDIS features. After that, the plugin will be retired, and existing TARDISes will no longer be accessible. Please clear items out of your TARDIS in advance. We will announce dates as we get closer.

This decision was not made lightly. We feel it is best for the future of the server. We hope you look forward to the new features coming to replace it, such as Warp Hearts, Magic Enchantments, and more to be announced!

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