The State of Akenland: March 2019

This month, we’ve got some new features, new terrain, and an important update on TARDIS!


Warpstones has received a number of new features in the past month! Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve already added:

Warp Hearts

  • Added Warp Hearts
  • Craft from four Warp Shards, Warp Dust in corners, and an Eye of Ender in the middle
  • Once crafted, it must be charged
  • To charge, activate new warpstones while the heart is in your inventory
  • You may charge multiple hearts at the same time

Charged Warp Shards

  • Added Charged Warp Shards
  • Craft from a Warp Heart, and an Ender Pearl
  • The heart’s charge determines how many shards you get, every 10% gets you a shard (min 10% charge = 1 shard, max 100% charge = 10 shards)
  • The location you are standing while crafting, will be the location that is saved (so you can save any location)
  • Otherwise works identically to normal shards

Warp Dust

  • Chance of receiving dust is higher
  • Less dust dropped when linking a shard
  • Dust may now drop when a shard is consumed

Upcoming Warpstones features

  • Warpstone Seeds
    • Crafted from a fully charged Warp Heart, these seeds must first be warmed to bring them alive. Then, plant them and wait, and they’ll grow into a fully functional new warpstone!
  • Interstices
    • Interstices allow you to access chests, mobs, and even locations from afar – creating a bridge across the world
    • Storage Interstices allow remote access to chests
    • Entity Interstices allow warping mobs
    • We are considering ideas like warping structures, or possibly remote access to locations, maybe a form of wireless redstone too – let us know what you’d like to see!
    • Interstices will either be limited use (consumable) or require charging to use. The crafting recipes will likely involve Warp Hearts.


We recently started testing an all-new feature called quicksave. This allows you to, for the first time ever, keep your items on a PvE death! That means no more losing valuable items due to falls, creepers, or lava!

This feature is in beta testing, and you must opt-in to use it. It is not guaranteed to work at this time, and there is a small chance of permanently losing items on death. Contact Kyle to opt-in to the beta test.

How it works

Activate a warpstone (that isn’t the spawn warpstone), or sleep in a bed, to perform a quicksave. Your inventory, at this point in time, will be saved.

After you have quicksaved, you can die in PvE (any death that does not involve a player), and you will automatically retain the items that you had when you quicksaved.

If you lose an item after quicksaving, it won’t be returned to you. Similarly, if you acquired an item after quicksaving, it won’t be returned, instead it will be dropped as normal. You should quicksave after acquiring valuable items!

Quicksaves can be reused, if you die again, and still have the same items.

An update on TARDIS

As we announced in February, we are planning to retire TARDIS, in favour of the new Warpstones features and items. The plugin has a variety of issues which are impractical to fix.

We planned to gradually disable TARDIS features over three months. At this time, we have disabled TARDIS travel to biomes, players, and co-ords, TARDIS creation and upgrades (desktop theme), and room growth (ARS).

In two weeks (April 6th), it will have been two months since we made the announcement, and therefore, we will be disabling TARDIS travel entirely, as well as most commands and features. After another month (May 6th), we will be retiring the plugin altogether.

If you need to recover items from your TARDIS, please do so as soon as possible. You will still be able to access your TARDIS until May.

If you need a list of saves, or need to be warped to your saved locations, please contact Kyle in-game, on Discord, or leave a comment below. You can get a list of your saves in a variety of formats, as well as Warp Shards.

If you have TARDIS circuits, seeds, or other items, hold onto them for now – we are considering allowing you to exchange them for new Warp Items.

Let us know if you have further questions.

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