1.14 Update Preparations

We’re a little behind schedule for the 1.14 update. We are now looking at launching in early-mid June.

UPDATE: Important Notice

Based on early tests of the upgrade process, it is possible that some builds may be damaged. We’ll try to avoid this as much as possible… but we can’t offer any guarantees.

We recommend checking all of your builds, maybe taking pictures in case there is minor damage, and we’ll also be saving copies of certain builds. We shouldn’t need any of this, but we’ll have it just in case.

Chests may also be damaged. In particular, double-chests near chunk borders have a very small possibility of being lost – if you have any items in these, you may want to consider moving them, just to be safe. You can see chunk borders by pressing F3+G while in-game.

In general, try to save whatever copies/pictures you can.
Everything should be fine, we’ll take every precaution and save backups, but it may help to recover quicker after the update is completed.

We are expecting to have the server down for maybe two weeks. As previously announced, we’ll have a temporary server up during this time.

We’ll have both survival AND minigames running on the temporary server. We’ll also be using it to test a few new ideas, plugins, and gameplay changes – some will be noticeable, some won’t. We are also hoping to have ALL magic enchantments available on the temporary server! The temporary server will be Minecraft 1.14.1.

Here’s our current schedule:

By the end of May

  • Revival resource pack updated
  • Temporary Server with survival, magic enchantments, and all-new Infected minigame launched
  • Some updates to the website
  • Taking down the current server

Early June

  • Possibility of new minigames on temporary server
  • Attempt upgrade of main world
  • Finish up and test Questing
  • Finish building new roleplaying features
  • Finish building new markets
  • Finish building new spawn
  • Announce new Official Rules
  • Evaluate how the new ideas/gameplay tests worked on temporary server, determine what to bring over to main server


  • Load everything into main world
  • Test server extensively
  • Get early-game quests completed and implemented
  • Finish up any last-minute touches on new builds
  • If all goes according to plans, launch the new server!

Late June / Early July

  • Launch Chapter One of the main questline
  • Launch the Economy Overhaul (new shops, trading, and more!)
  • Launch the new loyalty system (rewarding player activity and participation in minigames)
  • New server-wide events!

Rest of Summer

  • Launch the other chapters of the main questline
  • More events, minigames, and other activities – we’re hoping to make this a regular thing

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