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Five Years of Wolfia + Future Plans (March 2017 Updates)

Five years. It’s been a long time since Wolfia was first started in March 2012. While we’ve recently relaunched the server and started welcoming new players, the world has been in existence for five years now.

We’ve got plenty of new faces and some returning ones too (welcome back Walker, Agent, Mads!). Wolfia has been totally reimagined over the past few years, and is looking really good now.

Here what’s being worked on now:


I work on Intwil fairly often, mostly minor stuff. I do want to redo the Mall and Bank though. A warpstone has been added outside the Mall, in Intwil’s main square.

Gryston has also been seeing a lot of work. Vanskorch Manor is mostly finished. I will be adding a train station and cleaning up some of the landscape here.


Galvin has been doing a lot of work on Aberdeen. The Apiceedra and the new library are looking great, although there’s still a lot of stuff to be finished in Aberdeen.

Outer regions

Sholkingham (north oceans) and Runnach (south oceans) are our PvP regions (raiding and PvP allowed).

The kingdom of Yongaron (in Sholkingham) has grown, and now includes a new town, Nightfall. King CT05 is the ruler of all of Yongaron, while Jarl Flaming rules the town of Nightfall.

Meanwhile, in the south, Runnach, the Aerin Isles has fallen claim to three factions: the Thaindom of Eborin, the Kingdom of Yongaron, and the town of Grimwood.

New Server Plugins

I am developing several plugins, custom-made for the server. These are known as the Realms plugins, and help bring RPG-inspired gameplay additions to the world of Wolfia.

RealmsCore is the first one, and includes our all-new ranks system.

Here’s how it shows in chat:
The bracket color is based on the farthing that player is associated with (Waramon, Eborin, Sholkingham, Runnach).
Names can now be prefixed with titles, such as Alpha (in Waramon), Thain (in Eborin), King (in Yongaron), or any other title. These are selected by nation leaders and approved by admins.

Admins are now indicated by a +. Note that these ranks do not include permissions/powers, instead these are now given by admins, as needed. We do not have staff or builder ranks.

We are also working on custom plugins for Warpstones, Jails, Economy, Mail, and Skills/Magic. More details coming soon.

The New Exploration Era (January 2017 Updates)

We’ve been working on lots of stuff this month as we prepare for the server’s fifth anniversary in March.

The New Exploration Era

The first few months of Wolfia were known as the Exploration Era, when we were constantly exploring and founding new towns. We’re starting to see a return of this, as we explore towards the edges of the Akenland and beyond.

In Waramon, we’re looking to set up some small towns around the edges of the continent. We have the south coast, west coast, and north coast , all of which we have recently been exploring and scouting.

If anyone would like to help with these towns, let me know in-game. We could definitely use some help with new towns!

Rail System

I’ve been working on expanding the rail system to new areas, including new destinations within Waramon, and others such as the Aerin Isles. Union Station has recently been revamped, and new rail lines will be ready soon.


The Warpstone system has received a major update. You can now designate any warpstone in Wolfia to be your home warpstone (/warpstone sethome). Then, any warpstones you visit will return you home, or you can return home at any time with /home (note that /home will no longer take you to your last bed).

The entire warpstone system has actually been rebuilt, and it’s now much, much faster. You’ll also see less lag and some fancy new visual effects on warping players.


We now have a new farthing-based ranks system. This is a work-in-progress, but you’ll start to notice some new titles in front of names. The colour of the brackets and title indicates the region (green for Waramon, blue for Eborin, yellow for Runnach, red for Sholkingham). Admins can be identified by a purple symbol before their name.

This will be expanded further to include region-specific functionality. Details still need to be figured out on that.

Future Plans

Right now, the focus is on finishing up incomplete projects, and getting Chapter One (lore-driven quests) done for March 6th, the server’s fifth anniversary.

After that, there’s plenty to be done in Eborin, which I’m really excited to work on. Galvin has been doing a lot of building in Aberdeen, and so far it looks beautiful! Eborin should be reopened for the summer, and will bring the great city of Aberdeen, new quests, new unique items (maybe even E Quentor), and new areas to explore.

Server Updates, December 2016

It’s been a while since the blog has been updated. Wolfia’s been quiet, as usual during the fall, but plenty of stuff is in the works!

Minecraft 1.11

Update was completed today!

Warping & Fast Travel Changes

There is now a delay before most teleports occurs. Note that eventually it is going to be harder to get around the world quickly, as it is easy to abuse the warp system, particularly in more PvP-oriented areas. While this may inconvenience some players, it is important for keeping a good balance of difficulty to convenience. More details coming soon.

Warpstones are fully functional. You can use warpstones to save your current location, and return to the city. Warpstones can be found in several towns and other points of interest, more will be added soon.

TARDIS is still available as a more advanced alternative to warpstones and dragon travel. This will likely be the fastest and most unlimited way to fast travel, but it is by far the most expensive option.


Banmas has begun! This is our annual winter festival, taking place at Necrowolf Manor in the City of Intwil. Type /Banmas in-game to warp to it.

Advent Calendar (daily gifts) is planned to start on the weekend (likely Dec 10th). It’s later than normal this year, but we’re still doing gifts.

The scavenger hunt, and possibly quests may be added. Contests are a possibility, depending on if people are interested. Log in to the server if you want to participate!

Resource Pack – Revival

As the original creator of our recommended resource pack (SMP’s Revival) is no longer maintaining it, we have taken over the pack. An unfinished version (missing many textures) is available here:

We plan to update the pack to newer Minecraft versions soon. As the format for resource packs has changed in many ways, there’s a lot of files that need to be updated. We also need artists to design new textures that fit the existing theme of the pack. If you are interested, post a comment below, or contact Kyle on the server.

A Long Overdue Update

So…it’s been a long time since the blog got updated. The server has still been running without an issue for the past few months, and we’ve made a lot of progress on building up the world. The City of Intwil is much more developed now (though still a work-in-progress), the new Arena was just finished a few days ago, and many more minor things were done. There’s still much more to come, but Wolfia has come a long way in the past few months.

We’re still on 1.7, and that’s the first point I’d like to discuss. We’ve stayed on 1.7, because, well, basically, if it’s not broken, why fix it? There simply isn’t much new stuff in 1.8 that we could use, and for a very long time, some of our main plugins were not compatible with 1.8. This is no longer an issue, though it is far more difficult to update now. However, I am happy to finally announce, the server WILL be upgraded to Minecraft 1.8.

I can’t promise when it’ll be completed, but I have started working on it now. I’m also planning to do some hardware upgrades to the server (nothing too major), though that should not extend this too much. The server will remain online as much as possible, I will do my best to minimize the downtime.


Now that that’s out-of-the-way, I’d like to share some details of what’s going to be coming to Wolfia over the next months:


As I announced a while back, Wolfia is being reimagined as a new type of survival world, based heavily around lore. The lore has been built up over the years, with many small stories and quests scattered throughout the world (such as E Quentor). We’re going to continue building up this type of lore, but I think it’s time to unveil the main storyline of Wolfia, the centerpiece which ties everything together, and the one the world is named for.

The main storyline will revolve around the rise and fall of the wolves who inhabit the world. Ancient civilizations, wars that shaped the worlds (yes, more than one world), warriors, werewolves, knights, alchemists, and the Wolf Lord himself. This will all be revealed through RPG-style quests.

I’m also exploring ideas for rebranding the server, to better express the idea of a lore-driven, RPG-style world.

The City of Aberdeen

Aberdeen is being heavily revised, and there’s still a lot to do, so you won’t be able to explore it just yet. It’ll be coming soon though.


This is a major new feature, a whole new way to instantly travel around Wolfia. Warpstones will be found throughout the world, and work like a “return ticket”. They allow you to return to a previously visited location, such as your home city, and then later return to where you left off. This is a pretty complex topic, as there will be different types of warpstones, each with unique advantages and limitations. More will be explained later.


Another RPG-like element, quests will be available throughout the world, and will have different tasks and rewards. This also means new locations to explore, and new one-of-a-kind weapons and rewards.

Mid-March Progress Update

There was no February progress update. I’m lazy.


As of March 6th, Wolfia has existed for three years! As the server is a bit quiet right now, we didn’t do anything to celebrate. Maybe next years?

March 6th was also the day which Waramon was established, in 2013. February 26th was Eborin Independence Day.


Here’s the progress in the past two months:

The Bank of Waramon is now open, on the lower level of the Mall. The ATMs are not yet functional, and Safety Deposit Boxes are not yet available, but other than that everything should be functional.

Waramon Square is complete and all floors are now open. There’s still some minor work to do but it’s open.

A second train route, from Union to Wolf Town, is now open. The train route to Desertia has also been reopened.

Necrowolf Manor is nearing completion, most of the main house and yards are now finished.

The Warcaston Arena is undergoing a complete renovation and will be opening very soon. It can be accessed by Train (once it is open). It’s looking really good so far, definitely a lot nicer than it used to be!

Other regions and towns are not a main focus right now.


As for the 1.8 update, it has been postponed indefinitely. The admins are basically boycotting 1.8 right now because it breaks some of our plugins, mods, and even texture packs. There’s also nothing that we desperately need 1.8 for. We may just skip 1.8 entirely and wait for the next major update.

Mid-January Progress Update

The server has been fairly quiet recently, as it usually is in January. I myself am busy with final assignments for school, and therefore haven’t been spending a whole lot of time on Minecraft. Therefore there’s not a whole lot to report this month.

All of the changes have been in the City of Intwil for this month.


Mall has received some more work, the full Bank is almost ready, as well as a new TARDIS shop, Redstone shop, and various other stores.

The Weapon Shop in the Mall is now open, selling exclusive items that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Some of the items include Rocket Boots (basically like the old jetpacks), Flamethrowers, and the Necromancer Staff of Destruction!

The first Train route is open. It goes from Union Station (the new spawn in the Wood District) to the Mall and Clocktower in the Market District. More train routes to come later.

Waramon Square’s government building is nearing completion. Offices, conference rooms, storerooms, farms, all almost done.


That’s about it for the month. As mentioned above, not a whole lot to report due to me being busy, but still some progress!

Mid-December Progress Update

Another month has gone by, time for another progress update! Wolfia has been progressing quite well, and is now ready for all players to join in!

As with the last progress update, this one is sorted by category.

The City of Intwil

Intwil is basically done. Anything else needing to be done here can be done as the city grows.

Mall is built, there’s still some things to finish, but it’s open.

The new spawn is done, it’s actually part of the new train station. It’s called Union Station, and is located in southern Intwil (the Wood District). The spawn is on the main floor (which is mostly finished), the train station is on the lower level (which is not yet finished). It will be finished soon.

Necrowolf Manor is done (for now).

Waramon Square is done (for now).

The other mansions and houses aren’t getting much work YET, they are a low priority for me at this time.

Trees have been planted EVERYWHERE. No more bare land everywhere!

Dregmorre Village may get some more work soon.


Other Waramon

Nothing else has been done in Waramon yet, the northern Waramon towns will be completed at a later date.


Eborin, Sholkingham, and Runnach

Everything to do with these areas will be completed at a later date. I am focusing on the starting land (Waramon) first. All roads to Eborin have been blocked off.


1.8 Update

Will be completed at a later date. I believe you can now join the server from any version of Minecraft between 1.7.2 and 1.8.1, if not then I will fix that soon.



I may do some Banmas decorations, maybe some gifts (only a few though). No big Advent Calendar or contests this year, although I may do a small scavenger hunt. This will be in place about a week before Banmas Day (December 25th).

The Mid November Progress Update!

Wolfia has been progressing well (although slowly) so I figured I’d do a short progress update for it. It’s sorted by categories for your (in)convenience. Enjoy!


Economy and Gameplay

The Bank of Waramon has almost been fully planned out, you can see that here. All that’s left to do is actually build the bank!

The Bank of Eborin is delayed until further notice. I’m getting the first bank up and running before I even try a second bank.

The arenas are nowhere near finished yet. To be specific, I haven’t even started them yet. I’m just waiting for inspiration before I start! (In other words I am very lazy)

The Government of Waramon is more or less planned out, I just have to write it down. Basically that means I have to write down what our laws are, how much power the governors have, stuff like that.

Eborin’s government is something I haven’t started any planning for, as I have no idea what I’m doing with it yet. Most likely I will be looking for someone to be Eborin’s governor/king/emperor/thain/whatever-we-decide-to-call-it. If you are interested in ruling over Eborin (and who wouldn’t be?) let me know.

There’s also a lot of stuff related to Wolfia’s history (Wolf Lord’s history, not server history) that I have to do. I’m planning on restoring the Wolf Lord’s castle (sort of) and building museums and all that fun stuff. That stuff is next on my to-do list, after I finish Intwil.

mcMMO is set up on the server and should be working as intended. Same with TARDIS. Go level up your skills and kill people with your Sonic Screwdriver. Just don’t kill me, like someone did. (not saying any names, but we all know it was Walker)



Wolf Town is finished.

Desertia is finished. (See, I actually DID get two things done!)

Aloki is coming soon. It may come sooner or later depending on how much a certain someone asks me when it’ll be finished.

Pumpkin Town is not finished yet, but it’s being worked on slowly. It also needs a new name. If you’ve got any ideas for names, send them to me.

Espilo needs a lot of work, I haven’t started it yet.

Intwil is what I’m currently working on. The main square and the Clocktower are done, new mall is almost done, the mansions are being worked on, Waramon Square is being worked on, and the new Spawn and museum will be built soon. My goal is to get Intwil finished as soon as possible.


Eborin hasn’t been started yet, as I’m not 100% sure of what I’m doing with it. Right now it’s blocked off as it does need quite a bit of work.


Sholkingham and Runnach

These two are mostly wilderness, so not much to do here. Anything needing to be done is very minor.



This website is being worked on slowly as well, I just redid the homepage. The Live Map is back on the homepage, and I’ve tweaked the layout. Because I can. I’m also adding content (like Server History) whenever I have time and inspiration. (Two things that do not always come at the same time)

I recently learned that putting Ethernet switches under a water pipe is not a good idea. I did not have internet for several hours last Tuesday. I also did not have water because it had to be shut off it fix it. :/


I think that’s all the progress I have to report to you all. If you think I am lazy, you’re probably right. But still, the projects in Wolfia will get done eventually!

The Return of Wolfia, 1.7 news, & Merry Banmas!

This is going to be a long blog post. I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I should have been, but now that I have some more time, I will try to post more often.

First of all, Merry Banmas to everyone! There is a lot I planned for Banmas, however, due to the long downtime (which I will explain below), it looks like most of it will not be happening. I will be giving out several Banmas gifts within the next few days, and I may do New Years fireworks if I can.

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