Akenland is a survival multiplayer (SMP) server. All standard elements of Minecraft are available, including an infinite overworld, the Nether, and the End.

In addition to standard Minecraft features, we also have several additions, largely inspired by roleplaying games.



City of Aberdeen, Eborin

Our custom plugins work together to provide a unique, yet simple roleplaying system.
Join a nation, known as a realm, and get a title identifying your position within it. Leaders of realms have tools to manage members, as well as setting bounties for those who commit crimes against them.
Realms brings the team play of factions, but without the complexity, and additionally gives you the freedom and the tools to roleplay with.

Magic – now in closed beta testing

Warg Stonehenge, Waramon

Our unique Magic plugin lets you unlock four branches of magic: Warg, Eborite, Sholk, and Rhun.
Combine magic from different branches to create your own powerful spells that can assist you, manipulate the world, and bring fear to your enemies. Share your spells by using spell books, even sell them to other players.


Researcher at the Aunix temple

Story brings dynamic characters and quests to the Akenland.
Every character, location, and artifact has a story. Talk to NPCs, and they’ll tell you a little bit – but you’ll need to make a name for yourself before they’ll tell you everything. You’ll complete interesting and dynamic quests as you learn about these stories.
Talk to NPCs to get started!

Jails – Coming soon

More details coming soon.

Fast Travel


Intwil south warpstone, City of Intwil, Waramon

Warpstones are our unique form of fast travel, designed specifically for this server. Inspired by save points in older console games, these floating lapis and stone structures can be found all around the world, and can be activated to save their location, allowing you to return to them later. More details —>


Item-based currency

The Bank of Waramon, City of Intwil, Waramon

The Clan of Waramon uses the Emerald as currency. Using the Gringotts plugin, all money is item-based. That means it can be stolen, lost, and given away, adding a new layer of depth to PvP. The Thaindom of Eborin uses its own unique currency, the Eborite. Valuable metals are highly sought after all over the world, and depending on supply and demand, could be worth a lot of Emeralds or Eborites.


Mall, City of Intwil, Waramon

You can use emeralds to purchase items at shops around the world. Most are located at the Mall in the City of Intwil, where you can also open your own shop. We use the ShowCaseStandalone plugin to manage our shops.

RPG-Inspired, Lore-Driven Minecraft Server