The latest server status is posted to Discord. If you’re having trouble logging in, go there first!

You can get help from Admins in-game (anyone with a purple + in front of their name), or by leaving a message below.

General help and information is available in-game by typing /help or visiting the Info Center at spawn.


Admins are players that have extra knowledge and powers to help out on the server. Ask them if you need help.
Note: Admins are not allowed to spawn in items or provide other cheats.

Current Admins
Kyle AKA Kyle_Necrowolf or DOGC_Kyle (Lead Admin and Designer)
Galvin AKA GalvinNerth (Lead Architect)
Maddi AKA HesitantMads or Enderstar5421
Husky AKA Hyper_Husky or sonicblue7
Simon AKA Agentredx1
Crystal AKA CosmicDrift or DragonessCrystal
AKA Mosflow

Inactive/Retired Admins
Walker AKA Walker_Zombie
Sam AKA Cannibal_Bacon43
Cole AKA Colepuck
Glenn AKA Glenn_Lochmann
Justin AKA Needles_10
Delta AKA DeltaCorpse

Do not ask to be an admin, we do not need any more.


Everyone has access to these commands when in-game. These can be typed into chat while in-game.

Fast Travel

/Spawn – Warp to the server spawn (in the City of Intwil, Waramon).
/Warpstone – Warp to the last warpstone you used.
/Home – Warp to your home warpstone. Set it with /Warpstone SetHome.

Interacting with Others

/TP [PLAYER] – Request teleportation to another player.
/TPHere [PLAYER] – Request another player to teleport to you.
/Tell [PLAYER] [MESSAGE] – Send a private message to another player.
/List – See who’s online.

More Commands

Ask an admin or NPC for help with any other commands.

Rules and Laws

We have global rules that apply everywhere on the server, in addition to laws, which vary between regions of Wolfia.

Global Rules
Breaking these rules can result in server bans. More information ->

  • Be respectful to others
  • No spamming or advertising
  • Listen to server admins
  • No cheating (this includes hacks, mods, exploits, anything that gives an unfair advantage)

Basic laws in the Akenland (mainland)
The mainland (Waramon and Eborin) is a no-PvP region. You can be jailed for breaking these laws.

  • No griefing or raiding
  • Do not hurt people or pets
  • Follow all posted town/city laws

Note that PvP (including raiding) is permitted outside the mainland (Sholkingham and Runnach). However, many towns have laws, and you can be arrested or hunted if caught breaking them.

If you have questions, please ask an admin in-game.

13 thoughts on “Help”

  1. Every time I try to log in to Wolfia, I lose connection when joining. Here is what it says: Kicked whilst connecting to wolfia: Please use Minecraft (0). Why is that?

  2. So I accidentally stopped the server…

    I had come across the song player at Necrowolf Manor. Not knowing what it was, I wound up getting two songs to play at the same time. I tried to stop the songs buy using the command “/stop sound”. While I knew that “/stop” stops the server, what I didn’t realize was that everything after “/stop” goes into the description for the server is stopped screen. Now I feel like a total moron. I do deeply apologize for my ignorance. 😛

    1. Oh hi! The IP is and it is Minecraft version 1.7.10. You can’t use 1.8 right now, it’s not working yet, so if you need help switching to 1.7 let me know.

  3. hey kyle could u do something for me i took a enormous amount of fall damage and fell to my death..could u get my stuff back for me or replicate it. thanks :]

  4. Hai! I tried to use the travel command, and the server said I need aces to “sky light”… How can I accomplish this? I finally found my old base, and desperately want to tp.

    – Jade Stone

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