Commands let you perform actions from anywhere on the server. To use a command, just type it in-game, and press Enter.

General Commands

/Player <player>Learn about a player.
/Realm <realm>Learn about a realm/nation.
/HelpAccess server help in-game.
/MapOpen the online Live Map.
/RevivalGet our custom Resource Pack, Revival.

Fast Travel Commands

/SpawnReturn to the server spawn (City of Intwil, Waramon).
/TP <player>Teleport to another player. The player must approve. Max distance 750 blocks.
/TPHere <players…>Teleport one or more players to you. Each player must approve. Max distance 750 blocks.
/LastReturn to the last Warpstone you activated.
/HomeReturn to your home Warpstone, if set.
/SetHomeSets the next Warpstone you activate as your home.
Run this command, then activate a Warpstone.

Bonus tip: Hold a compass to see how far you are from spawn, your home Warpstone, your last Warpstone, as well as the nearest Warpstone.

Social Commands

/Msg <player> <message…>Send a private message to a player.
/Msg realm <message…>Send a private message to your realm.
/Msg admins <message…>Send a private message to server admins.
/AFK [message…]Tell others you are away-from-keyboard, with an optional message.
/DiscordGet an invite to our Discord server.

Realm Commands

These commands require you to be the leader/officer of a realm.

If your realm has sub-realms, you can use these commands with any of them. Just specify the name of the realm.

/Realm <realm>Learn about a realm.
/Realm <realm> AddOfficer/RemoveOfficer <player>Adds or removes a player as an officer/leader. Officers can use these commands, and issue orders to NPCs.
WARNING: Only add players you trust as officers. They will have the ability to remove you.
/Realm <realm> invite <players…>Invite players to your realm.
Note that players may only be in a single realm at a time.
/Realm <realm> kick <players…>Remove players from your realm. They will lose their name colour and title.
This will not physically remove them from your towns.
/Realm <realm> title <player> <new title…>Sets the title for a player. Titles appear on front of names, and may contain spaces and colour codes.
Titles have no effect on gameplay or privileges, and are purely for roleplaying.

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