Our plugins provide unique RPG-inspired gameplay, designed for small-to-medium survival and roleplay servers, without drifting from the traditional Minecraft style.

These plugins were originally designed for the Akenland server (which this website is for), and it remains the official server. If you are a Minecraft player, we encourage you to join us!

The plugins will soon be available for public download, to use on your own server.

All plugins are designed for Bukkit servers (including Spigot) and Minecraft 1.12.

Project CoRE

A roleplaying framework and server essentials, for small/medium survival and roleplay servers.

Project CoRE is the foundation of our roleplaying experience, with  Characters and Realms, plus Extras that include everything a small/medium server may need. All features are highly configurable (and easily disabled if not needed), and are designed to be lightweight and easy to use.

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Realms / Nations / Holds

A simple, yet expandable factions system that lets players team up and roleplay as nations, known as realms.

These nations can be sub-divided and customized, allowing for roleplaying scenarios such as High Kings ruling vast kingdoms, appointing Jarls to govern regions and towns.

Project CoRE only provides a basic framework, giving players the freedom to roleplay, but the system can be infinitely expanded with plugins that add unique gameplay.

Learn more about Realms ->


Breaking away from traditional server ranks, RealmsCore includes a permissions system that fades into the background: perfect for survival and roleplay servers. Players can switch between multiple sets of permissions, such as a basic utilities set for survival mode, while still having full cheats for building and staff abilities.

Security is a priority, with multiple checks so players only get the right privileges. Even if an admin account is hacked, permissions are locked down with Admin Multi-Check, so your server stays safe.

Learn more about Permissions ->
Learn more about Admin Multi-Check ->


Enhanced server commands, simple world management, entity management, and more are all included. See a full list of commands here.

Clickable prompts, so you don’t have to memorize and type out dozens of lengthy commands. You can even make your own interactive prompts.
Action bar messages keep the chat from getting cluttered with every command you run.

User-friendly, smartly-designed features, and more lightweight on your server than many other all-in-one plugins.

Developer Features

Prompts allow you to click on actions, instead of memorizing and typing commands. They are used throughout all Realms plugins.

Unified Player Data files make it easy for multiple plugins to store data in one place, reducing the number of files on your server. Unlike many plugins, RealmsCore is smart enough to only save data when needed, instead of pointlessly creating files for every single player who joins your server.


A uniquely immersive warping system, based around floating structures known as Warpstones.

Warpstones allow players to fast-travel to previously visited locations, marked with floating lapis and store structures. Inspired by “save points” in many older video games, and designed to encourage exploration, players can return to their saved warpstones. No commands are required for players, keeping players immersed in the game.

Warpstones is currently in testing on the Realms of Wolfia, and will be available for other servers soon. Join the server (IP is to try the plugin. 


The Warpstone

These floating lapis and stone structures can be activated by players to save their location. Players can return to their last saved warpstone at any time with commands (if enabled) or from another warpstone.

A home warpstone can also be saved, allowing for a persistent saved warpstone near a player’s home.

Warpstones can be generated in a variety of biome-specific styles and sizes, and their behavior is highly customizable.

Unique Items

Occasionally when activating new warpstones, some Warp Dust may fall into your hands. This dust can be crafted into Shards, which can then be linked to any warpstone.

Linked shards are items that allow warping to the warpstone they’re linked to, even if the user doesn’t have the warpstone saved. A survival-friendly way to save multiple warp locations, shards are valuable and useful.

Future updates will add rare items to allow players to slowly grow their own warpstones.


The plugin also includes intelligently-designed teleportation commands (/tp and /tphere). The commands can be configured to require requests, have a maximum distance, and delays that increase if the player is in combat.

Visual and sound effects provide an additional immersive feel, and notify nearby players that someone may be teleporting to or from their location, useful for PvP.


Augment the behavior of Warpstones to suit your server’s gameplay, or even overhaul it entirely with a unique game mode based around warpstones.

Capture the Warpstone will be available soon as a demonstration of what Warpstone add-ons are capable of. With it, players can capture warpstones of behalf of their realm, allowing only their allies to use it. Battle over warpstones to protect your realm’s ability to use it!

If you are a server owner, custom add-ons can be requested for a small price, details coming soon. If you are a developer, documentation for creating your own add-ons will be available soon.

Project Story

Dynamic events, quests, and activities, that are tailored to your world.

Project Story is all about bringing depth and story to your Minecraft world. Interactive NPCs that can recognize different players, automatically-generated quests and events, and even artifacts and loot, all generated on-the-fly, and tailored to the specific player and world.

Project Story is currently in early alpha testing on Akenland, and will be available for other servers soon. Join the server (IP is to try the plugin. 



Quests are an important feature of any RPG-style world, but they can be time-consuming to create, and aren’t dynamic in any way, so they can get repetitive for players. But with Project Story, no quest is set in stone.

Quests are generated as needed, by looking for suitable objectives for the player to complete, and assembling them into a unique quest. So, when a player asks an NPC for a quest, they get a brand new quest, made from random objectives that (optionally) meet certain criteria.

You can still create quests manually, and can still include dynamic objectives from Auto-Quest, to create story-driven quests that are fresh and exciting for new and old players.

Interactive NPCs

Citizens NPCs can be tagged in Project Story, to define their behavior towards the player and other NPCs. Define a tag’s behavior once, and apply that tag to any number of NPCs. Easily create a dozen townspeople with similar dialogue and behavior, with just a single tag.

NPCs can have interactive dialogue, using clickable Prompts from Project CoRE. Create a list of dialogue and possible responses that the player can choose. Optionally, hide or show dialogue and responses based on certain criteria.

NPCs can be created automatically with tags. Quickly fill a town with interactive NPCs, by tagging the town’s location, and pre-tagged NPCs will be able to spawn there. Paired with Auto-Quest, these NPCs can give dynamic quests to players, making it easy to fill a town with gameplay.


Tags are the heart of Project Story. They identify everything in the world, define how they should be treated, and define how they should behave. Any entity (including players and NPCs), as well as locations, objectives, and items, can be tagged.

Imagine you have a nation in your world, called Waramon. A Waramon tag can be applied to all NPCs, locations, activities, and players that are part of the nation. This will cause the NPCs to recognize the players as allies, and they could give quests for objectives within the nation.

A blacksmith NPC may have a second tag, “blacksmith“. Objectives, such as a weapon shop awaiting a delivery, or a mine that requires help, may be also tagged with “blacksmith”. If the player asks the blacksmith NPC for a quest, Auto-Quest would generate quests involving these objectives, because they share the same tags.

Another nation, called Yongaron,  may have it’s objects tagged as “Yongaron“. The Yongaron tag could include behavior to treat Waramon as an enemy. Now, Yongaron NPCs will fight against Waramon NPCs and players. Yongaron players may receive quests from their NPCs, to go fight at Waramon locations.

Flexible and powerful, yet simple

Like all of our plugins, Project Story is highly customizable, and all features are optional. Each tag can use as many or as few features as desired.

You can choose to only include NPC dialogue, and ignore all other features. Auto-Quest only creates quests when needed, so it has no impact if you choose not to use it.

Many objects are pre-tagged (players have their realm and title, Warpstones are tagged locations), so you can get started quickly, or define your own tags. Other plugins can supply their own tags and objects, which can be used to extend the capabilities of Project Story.

There is no limit to the number of tags you can use. More tagged objects will increase the possibilities for dynamic content and Auto-Quests.

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