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This page is for help with RealmsCore plugin only, and is intended for server owners. If you are a player on the Realms of Wolfia server, see the main Help page or the in-game Info Center at spawn. 

RealmsCore Help

See below for a Getting Started guide, or choose a topic for in-depth information:

If you require more help, leave a message at the very bottom of this page.

Getting Started with RealmsCore

RealmsCore is a free plugin for Bukkit, a Minecraft server software. You must have a server that uses CraftBukkit or Spigot to use RealmsCore. To get CraftBukkit and Spigot, first use BuildTools to download it, then follow the instructions here.

Download RealmsCore here (COMING SOON), place it in your plugins folder, and start your server.

coreconfig.yml file is the main configuration file for RealmsCore. You should read and customize it to suit your server’s needs. It is recommended you restart your server after you have finished editing the file.

Permissions is enabled by default

By default, the permissions system is enabled (but you’ll need to customize it for your server). If you have your own permissions plugin, you can disable permissions in coreconfig.yml, and RealmsCore will not interfere with it.

Chat formatting is enabled by default

By default, RealmsCore will manage player display names (nicknames) and chat formatting. If you would like to use another plugin for this, disable chat formatting in coreconfig.yml, and RealmsCore will not affect display names, join/quit messages, or chat formatting.

AFK monitoring is enabled by default

By default, players who do not move, chat, or run commands for 3 minutes will marked AFK, and all online players will be notified of this. If you do not want this, disable afk in coreconfig.yml, and RealmsCore will not monitor player activity at all.

Other functions

All other functions of RealmsCore have no impact on your server, and do not need to be disabled.
To prevent commands/features from being used, do not give players permission to use them. The included permissions system is pre-configured for included commands, based on recommendations from the official server (The Realms of Wolfia).

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