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This is a complete list of all commands in RealmsCore.

For commands that use Admin Multi-Check
In addition to the listed permission, these commands additionally require the permission realms.admin. If you are using RealmsCore permissions, they also require “admin: true” to be listed under the player’s UUID in the playerperms.yml file. Click here for details.

RealmsCore meta commands
Command Permissions Information
/realmscore No permission required Displays information about the RealmsCore plugin. Admins will see additional configuration information
/realmscore reload realms.reload

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Reload the coreconfig.yml file, applying any changes.

Note that some settings require a full server restart to take effect.

Other files (such as permissions files and realms.yml) are loaded automatically, and do not require a manual reload.

realms.admin In addition to Admin Multi-Check (explained above), this permission identifies players as “admins” for various purposes, including the following:

  • receiving various admin notifications (including gamemode/permission changes and security notifications)
  • the admin prefix
  • receiving messages from “/msg admins”
Player info
Command Permissions Information
/player <player name> realms.player Display information about a player.

Players with permission realms.player.admin can see some gameplay and permission info.

/player <player name> set <displayname / title / realm> <new data…> realms.player.set Set the displayname (nickname), title (displayed in front of name in chat), or realm of a player.
/player reload realms.admin Reload the displayname, title, and realm of all online players. Use after you make changes to the playerdata files manually.
Realm info
Command Permissions Information
/realm <realm name> realms.realm Displays information about a realm.
/realm <realm name> set <color / fullname / tagline / parent> <new data…> realms.realm.set Set the color, full (official) name, tagline, or parent of a realm.

You can only set data for realms where you are an officer, or have the permission realms.realm.set.others

/realm <realm name> <invite/kick>  <player names…> realms.realm.players Invite or kick players from a realm.

You can only manage players for realms where you are an officer, or have the permission realms.realm.set.others

/realm <realm name> title <player name> <new data…> realms.realm.titles Set the title of a player in a realm.

You can only set titles for realms where you are an officer, or have the permission realms.realm.set.others

/realm <realm name> <addofficer/removeofficer> <player names…> realms.realm.officers Add or remove officers in a realm. Officers can edit realm information and manage players in their realm and all sub-realms.

You can only manage officers for realms where you are an officer, or have the permission realms.realm.set.others


These commands don’t work if permissions is disabled in coreconfig.yml.

Command Permissions Information
/permissions set <set name> realms.permissions.set Displays information about a permission set.
/permissions set <set name> <player name> realms.permissions.setswitch.others

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Switch another player to a permission set. They must have access to that set.
/default, /utility, /cheat realms.permissions.setswitch Switch yourself to a different permission set, if you have different preset permission sets available.
/set <set name> realms.permission.setswitch Switch yourself to a different permission set by name.
/permissions player <player name> realms.permissions.player

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Display information about what permissions a player has access to.
/permissions player <player name> revoke realms.permissions.revoke

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Revoke all permissions from a player.

They will not have access to any permissions (including set switching) for the duration of their session.

Command Permissions Information
/prompt display [player name] <fileName.promptName> realms.prompts.display Display a prompt (from file) to a player (or yourself, if no player is specified).

Useful for command blocks, to show prompts on Redstone signal.


To use the default help commands, use /bukkit:help or /minecraft:help. You can set your Bukkit aliases if you want to use those commands by default.

Command Permissions Information
/help No permission required Displays the help.main prompt (from file).
/help <page> No permission required Display a particular help prompt from file.
World management

These commands are a simple alternative to full-featured world management plugins. They will not interfere with those plugins if installed.

Command Permissions Information
/world Displays a list of all worlds on the server.
/world <world name> Displays information about a particular world loaded on the server.
/world <world name> <enter/unload>

Enter (teleport to world spawn) or unload a world from the server.
/world load <world name> Load a world folder in the server folder, and add it to the server.

Note that extra worlds will be unloaded when the server shuts down.

/world create <world name> [seed] [environment] [type]

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Create a new world, with optional parameters.
Command Permissions Information
/kick <player name> [reason…] realms.kick

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Kick a player from the server, with an optional reason.
/ban <player name> [reason…] realms.ban

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Ban a player from the server, with an optional reason.

To un-ban players, use the Minecraft command /pardon <player name>

/tempban <player name> <duration> [reason…] realms.tempban

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Temporarily ban a player from the server, with an optional reason.

Duration can be in one of three formats: a number of days (1d), a time length (T2h30m), or a date (yyyy-mm-dd, 2017-12-03).

/mute <player name> [duration] realms.mute

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Mute a player, preventing them from sending chat messages.

An optional duration can be specified, in a format such as 15s or 2h30m.

/unmute <player name> realms.unmute

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Unmute a player, allowing them to send chat messages.
Inventory viewing

These commands can only be used in-game.

Command Permissions Information
/inventory <player name> realms.inventory

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Displays another player’s inventory. The player’s inventory can be edited.
/enderchest <player name> realms.enderchest

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Displays another player’s Ender Chest. The player’s Ender Chest can be edited.
Time and weather

When used in-game, these commands affect the current world. When used from the console, they affect the main world.

Command Permissions Information
/time [new time] realms.time Displays or edits current in-game time.

New time can be specified as a hh:mm format, a number of ticks, or a word (sunrise, day, noon, sunset, night, midnight).

/day, /noon, /night Shorter command to set in-game time to daytime, noon, or nightime.
/weather [clear / rain / storm] [duration] Displays or edits current in-game weather.

An optional duration (in ticks) sets how long the new weather will last.

/rain Shorter command to toggle rain.
/storm Shorter command to start a thunderstorm.
/sun realms.time & Shorter command to set time to day, and set weather to clear.
Entity management
Command Permissions Information
/entity realms.entity

Uses Admin Multi-Check

Turn on the entity inspector. Right-click entities to see information about them.

Type /entity again to turn off the inspector.

/entity <entity ID> Display information about an entity.

Entity IDs are per-world and not persistent, they reset when the world is loaded.

/entity <entity ID> tphere Teleports the entity to your current location.
/entity <entity ID> name <new name> Sets a custom name for an entity. The name will be displayed above its head.
/entity <entity ID> <invulnerable / glowing> Toggle invulnerable (takes no damage) or glowing (spectral arrow effect) status for an entity.
/entity <entity ID> remove Permanently remove an entity from the world.
/remove <drops / monsters / animals / vehicles / projectiles> [radius] Permanently remove all entities of the specified type from the world.

Only removes entities that spawn and despawn naturally (avoids boss mobs and named mobs).

/lowerlag Quickly removes all monsters, drops, and projectiles from your world, which can help improve server performance.
Gameplay cheats
Command Permissions Information
/gamemode <survival / creative / adventure / spectator> [player] realms.gamemode.survival




Change the gamemode of yourself or another player.

This command accepts various shortforms, such as /gmc, /gm0, /spectate, /vanish.

To change the gamemode of another player, you must also have the permission realms.gamemode.others

/fly [player name] Toggles the ability to fly.

To toggle for another player, you must also have the permission

/speed <0-10> [player] realms.speed Changes your movement speed.

To change for another player, you must also have the permission realms.speed.others

/item <material> [amount] [damage] realms.item Spawn in an item.

Essentially a shorter and simpler way to “/give” yourself items.

Other commands
Command Permissions Information
/list No permission required List all online players.

This can be changed in coreconfig.yml to only list admins.

/notifyadmins <message…> realms.admin Display a message to all online admins. Useful for command blocks.
/afk [message…] realms.afk Notify other players that you are away-from-keyboard. An optional message can be added.
/me <message…> realms.msg Send a message in third-person.
/msg <player name/realm/admins> <message…> realms.msg Send a private message to other players, realm members, or admins.
/pack <pack name> [player] realms.pack Download and use a pre-set server resource pack.

If a player is specified and you have permission realms.pack.others, that player will be prompted to download and use the pack.

/pack <pack name> setdefault realms.pack Set a pre-set server resource pack as your default. The pack will be used every time you login to the server.

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