Example permsets.yml File

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The permsets.yml file contains all permission sets for your server.

This example file is automatically placed in the plugin folder, and should be sufficient for most servers, at least as a starting point.

# RealmsCore by Kyle Necrowolf
# Permission Sets

# RealmsCore permissions help can be found at http://wolfiamc.com/plugins/realmscore/permissions

# Don't change the formatting of this file, or Bukkit will complain. To reset this file to default, just delete it. 
# We recommend using VS Code (https://code.visualstudio.com/) to modify this file, as it will help you with formatting.
# Do NOT use tabs (tab indent) - use spaces. VS Code will automatically insert spaces, but other text editors won't.

# Any changes to this file are applied on login, or when switching sets. No reload needed. 

# This file contains all the permission sets used on your server. This is where you list permission nodes.
# A player can only have one permission set active at a time (but can be allowed to switch between multiple permission sets).

# Five example sets are included and pre-configured here, but you can have any number of sets.


  ### Basic permission set
  ### This set should be available to everyone. Additionally, all other sets should "inherit" it (more on that below).

    # These are the permissions included in this set. You can add or remove items to allow/deny players to access them.
      # General server commands
      - realms.player
      - realms.realm
      - realms.realm.set
      - realms.afk
      - realms.msg
      - realms.pack

      # Allows switching between permission sets. It's important that everyone has this, otherwise players won't be able to switch to other permission sets they have.
      - realms.permissions.setswitch

      # Teleport & Warpstones permissions (if the Warpstones plugin is installed)
      - warpstones.tp
      - warpstones.tphere
      - warpstones.home
      - warpstones.last
      - warpstones.spawn

      # Magic permissions (if the RealmsMagic plugin is installed)
      - magic.xp
      - magic.spells
      - magic.skills
      - magic.books

      # Skype permissions (if the RealmsSkype plugin is installed)
      - skype.setname
      - skype.start

  ### Builder utility set
  ### As the name suggests, you might set this as the utility set for your "builder rank" players. Designed to be survival-friendly.

    # This inheritedSets section lets you copy all permissions from another set, instead of retyping all of them.
    # You'll almost always want to copy the permissions from the basic set.
      - basic
    # Then, as before, list the permission nodes.
      # Some commands to help builders get around easily
      - realms.fly
      - realms.speed

      # Some basic WorldEdit functions, nothing too powerful. Of course, the WorldEdit plugin must be installed to use these.
      - worldedit.wand
      - worldedit.selection.*
      - worldedit.navigation.*
      - worldedit.analysis.*
      - worldedit.history.*
      - worldedit.superpickaxe
      - worldedit.extinguish
      - worldedit.green
      - worldedit.thaw

  ### Builder cheat set
  ### Again, you might set this as the cheat set for your "builder rank" players.

    # Copy all the permissions from the builder_utility set, which also copies from basic, so you don't have to retype those permissions.
      - builder_utility

      # Gamemode switching
      - realms.gamemode.survival
      - realms.gamemode.creative

      # Some more powerful WorldEdit functions
      - worldedit.clipboard.*
      - worldedit.generation.*
      - worldedit.region.*
      - worldedit.tool.*
      - worldedit.brush.*
      - worldedit.drain
      - worldedit.fill
      - worldedit.fixwater
      - worldedit.replacenear
      - worldedit.snow

  ### Admin utility set
  ### A utility set for admins, this has all the moderation commands, while remaining survival-friendly.

      - builder_utility

      # The realms.admin permission is required for many other commands, as well as to receive various admin notifications.
      - realms.admin

      # Editing anyone's player and realm data
      - realms.player.admin
      - realms.player.set
      - realms.realm.set

      # Permissions commands
      - realms.permissions.setswitch.others
      - realms.permissions.set
      - realms.permissions.player
      - realms.permissions.revoke

      # Moderation commands
      - realms.kick
      - realms.ban
      - realms.tempban
      - realms.mute
      - realms.unmute

      # Some general server commands
      - realms.reload
      - realms.time
      - realms.weather
      - realms.world
      - realms.world.enter
      - realms.world.load
      - realms.prompts.display
      - bukkit.command.tps
      - minecraft.command.scoreboard
      - minecraft.command.tellraw
      - minecraft.command.testfor
      - minecraft.command.testforblock
      - minecraft.command.playsound
      - minecraft.command.particle
      - minecraft.command.title
      - minecraft.command.toggledownfall

      # Teleport and Warpstones commands (if the Warpstones plugin is installed)
      - warpstones.tp.noask
      - warpstones.to.*
      - warpstones.manage

      # RealmsMagic commands (if RealmsMagic is installed)
      - magic.xp.others
      - magic.edit

      # Skype commands (if RealmsSkype is installed)
      - skype.setname.others

  ### Admin cheat set
  ### A cheat set for admins, only for the people you fully trust. Has most of the commands.

    # Includes all the builder cheats, and all the admin utilities
      - builder_cheat
      - admin_utility

      # Op - Allows players to give themselves full access to everything. Players are de-opped automatically after disconnecting.
      # Useful if some plugins don't have permissions set up, or to edit command blocks.
      # Do NOT give people you don't trust access to this permission!
      - minecraft.command.op
      - minecraft.command.deop

      # Moderation commands
      - realms.inventory
      - realms.enderchest

      # More powerful server commands
      - realms.entity
      - realms.world.create
      - minecraft.command.summon
      - minecraft.command.setblock
      - minecraft.command.kill

      # Full access to WorldEdit and WorldGuard, if installed
      - worldedit.*
      - worldguard.*

      # Gamemode and cheat commands
      - realms.gamemode.adventure
      - realms.gamemode.spectator
      - realms.gamemode.others
      - realms.item
      - minecraft.command.give
      - minecraft.command.xp
      - minecraft.command.effect

      # Teleport and Warpstones commands (if Warpstones is installed)
      - warpstones.tp.instant
      - warpstones.tp.nolimits
      - warpstones.warpothers
      - warpstones.give
      - minecraft.command.tp
      # RealmsMagic commands (if RealmsMagic is installed)
      - magic.give
      - magic.spells.nocost

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