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Players can join a nation (or hold, for Skyrim fans), known as a realm, and get a title identifying their position within it, as well as coloured brackets around their name, identifying their allegiance.

Leaders of realms have tools to manage members, and with additional plugins, such as RealmsJails, they could set bounties for those who commit crimes against them.

Realms brings the team play of factions, but without the complexity, and additionally gives you the freedom and the tools to roleplay with.

RealmsCore itself does not provide any gameplay along with the realms system, it is merely for roleplaying. Gameplay additions are available in other Realms plugins, such as per-realm bounties and jails in RealmsJails.

Creating a realm

Editing the file manually

Realms are listed in the realms.yml file. An example file is generated automatically. Edit it with the realms you would like to use. Changes are loaded immediately.
See the example file ->

Creating realms in-game as an admin

Realms do not need to be created before they can be used, they will be created automatically. Add a player to a realm with the command:

/player <player name> set realm <realm name>
Creating realms in-game as a player

The ability for players to create their own realms is coming soon.

Importing from other plugins

If you use Factions or Towny on your server, you may be able to use RealmsCore alongside it and import the realms. See details ->

Editing realm information

In RealmsCore, realms can have the following information attached to them:

  • Name – used to identify realm in commands and files, no spaces, cannot be changed – example: Ace
  • Full name – a longer, official name, can contain spaces – example: Kingdom of Ace
  • Color – the name usually appears in this color, as well as on the brackets/names/titles of realm members in chat, can be any of the Minecraft chat color technical names – example: BLUE
  • Tagline – any sort of statement or slogan used by the realm, can be any text – example: We stand for peace and freedom in the realms of Wolfia.
  • Parent – the parent realm that owns this realm – example: Yongaron (meaning that Ace is a sub-realm within Yongaron)
    • Note that parent realms have full authority over their child/sub-realms, and officers of the parent realms can edit any information about them

Edit a realm’s information with this command:

/realm <realm name> set <color / full name / tagline / parent> <new data>

To edit a realm, players must be an officer of the realm (or any parent realm), or have the permission realms.realm.set.others (admins will usually have this permission).

Other plugins can add additional information.

Managing realm players

To manage realm players, you must be an officer of the realm (or any parent realm), or have the permission realms.realm.players.others (admins will usually have this permission).

Inviting players
/realm <realm name> invite <players...>

The named players will be asked to join your realm. They can choose to accept or deny.

Removing players
/realm <realm name> kick <players...>

The named players will be removed from your realm. You can remove offline players. They will be removed immediately, without any warning.

Setting titles
/realm <realm name> title <player> <new title...>

The named player will receive the new title. Can contain spaces and formatting. The title will appear in front of their name in chat.
Titles are completely arbitrary, and have no impact on gameplay. They serve only for roleplaying and identification purposes.

Adding officers
/realm <realm name> addofficer <players...>
/realm <realm name> removeofficer <players...>

The named players will be added or removed as officers of their realm. This allows them to edit their own realm’s info and members, as well as sub-realms below them (but not above them). Note that any officer can remove any other officer at the same level, so be careful!

Realm gameplay and add-ons

Included in RealmsCore

Send private messages to all members of your realm with /msg realm <message…>


Your realm and title are tags, so they can be used for auto-quests and NPC interactions. RealmsStory is coming soon.


Start a Skype call or chat with your realm members, directly from in-game. RealmsSkype is coming soon.

Capture the Warpstone

A unique game mode based around capturing and defending warpstones for your realm. Coming soon.


Realm leaders can place bounties on players who commit crimes against them. Anyone who manages to arrest or kill the player will collect the bounty, and the player will be sent to a jail cell defined by the realm leader. RealmsJails is coming soon.

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