Example realms.yml file

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Here is the example realms.yml file.

# RealmsCore by Kyle Necrowolf
# Realms

# RealmsCore realms help can be found at http://wolfiamc.com/plugins/realmscore/realms

# Don't change the formatting of this file, or Bukkit will complain. To reset this file to default, just delete it. 
# We recommend using VS Code (https://code.visualstudio.com/) to modify this file, as it will help you with formatting.
# Do NOT use tabs (tab indent) - use spaces. VS Code will automatically insert spaces, but other text editors won't.

# Any changes to this file are applied on login. To reload manually, use "/player reload".
# This file can also be modified in-game with the command "/realm  set <fullname/color/tagline/parent>".

# This file contains all realms/nations/holds/factions in use on your server.
# Note that players (and their titles) are NOT listed here, those are in individual playerdata files.

# Five example realms are included and pre-configured here, but you can have any number of realms.


  # Realm names shouldn't have spaces, and must be unique.
  # All realm details are optional.

  # Here is a simple example realm:
    # Full name is the longer "official name" of the realm, can contain spaces.
    fullname: Nation of Awesomeness
    color: GOLD
    # Tagline is a description or slogan, can contain spaces.
    tagline: We are the nation of awesomeness and we are awesome!

  # Here is a sub-realm:
    # The parent realm is "Awesomeness", so this is a sub-realm of Awesomeness.
    parent: Awesomeness
    fullname: Kingdom of Cakeland
    color: AQUA
    tagline: Cake is the future.

  # You can have as many realms and sub-realms as you want.
    fullname: Empire of Tamriel
    color: DARK_RED

    parent: Tamriel
    fullname: Province of Skyrim
    color: LIGHT_GRAY

    parent: Skyrim
    fullname: Whiterun Hold, Skyrim
    color: GOLD

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