Importing realms from other plugins

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If you would like to use plugins with their own realm-like system, such as Factions or Towny, RealmsCore can optionally import their data.

This makes it easy to use your existing plugins alongside RealmsCore, Story, and Jails.

Note that this feature is coming in a future RealmsCore update. It is not currently functional, and enabling it will have no effect.

How it works

When this is used, realms are loaded from the other plugin (instead of from the playerdata files). Your factions, towns, or nations, from other plugins, can be used as realms.

The name, players, and sometimes other information is loaded from the other plugin. See below for specifics. You can still edit information using /realm <realm name> set <fullname/color/tagline/parent> <new data…>

Note that you must use the commands from the other plugins to create and add players to realms. Any changes made to the faction/town will be reflected in the realm. The built-in commands for creating realms and adding players will be disabled.

How to enable

In coreconfig.yml, set load-realms-from to one of the following:

  • “playerdata” – default option, load realms from RealmsCore playerdata files.
  • “factions” – load factions as realms, requires Factions plugin to be installed, and a future update to RealmsCore.
  • More plugin integrations coming soon.

Supported plugins

Factions by MassiveCraft

Integration coming soon, in a future RealmsCore update.

  • Faction name is imported as realm name
  • Faction description is imported as realm tagline
  • Faction followers/members are imported as realm members
    • Faction officers and leader are imported as realm officers


Currently in planning, may not be released for a while, but will be in a future RealmsCore update.

  • Town name is imported as realm name
  • Town residents are imported as realm members
    • Mayors and assistants are imported as realm officers
  • Capital cities are imported as parent realms of other cities in the nation.

Other plugins

If you have another plugin you want to import from, leave a message below.

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