Official Rules


Welcome to Akenland! We’ve put together these rules to ensure that everyone has fun and enjoys their time on Akenland. Please read and follow these rules as indicated. If you have any questions, please ask an Admin.

Our Admin team

Akenland Admins are indicated in-game, and on the Live Map, by a + in front of their names. On Discord, online Admins are listed at the top of the member list, and also have the Server Admins role, when clicking on their names.

Our current admins include:

  • Kyle (in-game username: Kyle_Necrowolf – Discord tag: Kyle#1805) – Lead Admin
  • Galvin (in-game username: GalvinNerth – Discord tag: GalvinNerth#0309)
  • Mossy (in-game username: Mosflow – Discord tag: Mosflow#2813)
  • Flower (in-game username: FlowerFox – Discord tag: FlowerFox#3901)
  • Mads (in-game username: magfaerie – Discord tag: Mads#4983)

Reporting violations of rules

If you believe someone is violating the rules, please contact an Admin as soon as possible, using one of the following methods:

  • Pinging or DMing an Admin on Discord
  • Using the form below
  • Using /msg admins <message…> in-game, when an Admin is online

Behavior Rules

The Behavior Rules apply to all servers, chats, and other services provided by Akenland, at all times.

Failure to follow the Behavior Rules may result in any of the following, at an Admin’s discretion:

  • A warning from Admins
  • Being kicked from some or all Akenland services, including the game server and chats
  • Being temporarily muted (unable to participate) in an Akenland chat
  • Limited or removed access to the Live Map or Discord
  • A temporary or permanent ban from some or all Akenland services, including the game server and chats


Be respectful to others

You must be respectful to everyone on Akenland. Harassment (of any kind), posting personal information about others, insults, excessive gloating, and similar actions, will not be tolerated.

We are proud to have a diverse community. We have members worldwide, even crossing language boundaries, our members span a wide age range, and we pride ourselves on being an LGBTA+ friendly community. Please be respectful of everyone.


Sometimes, PvP interactions can get heated. Remember, while PvP interactions may have drastic in-game consequences, it is just a game, and there are real people on the other side of it. Please do not take out your frustration by harassing or insulting others.

All players are welcome to build and play in our world’s main continent, where you don’t have to deal with PvP whatsoever. You may use this area to cool down after a heated PvP interaction, or take a break from PvP.

Appropriate conversation topics

We have a diverse, yet tight-knit community. Often, our members are comfortable to discuss deeply personal topics, which some may find discomforting. This is generally accepted in our chats, however, if you are uncomfortable with a particular conversation, feel free to tell an Admin. We want everyone to feel safe and welcome in Akenland.

No spamming or advertising

Chat spam, especially inappropriate content, is not allowed. Messages may be removed by Admins. Spam is a Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Message.

Advertising other services, Minecraft servers, Discord servers, or products, without permission from Admins, is not allowed.

Listen to Server Admins

Server Admins are responsible for keeping the server running smoothly and without problems. You must obey the instructions of an Admin.

Rules are enforced at the discretion of Admins. You may contact Admins, or use the Ban Appeal form, to appeal an Admin’s decision. Harassing players or Admins, attempting to bypass restrictions, using alternate accounts, or otherwise attempting to skirt the rules, will not be tolerated.

No cheating

Using hacks, mods, or exploits to gain an unfair advantage is not permitted.

The following are not allowed:

  • X-ray
  • Force Op
  • Anything that lets you see the location of other players, mobs, chests, ores, or other blocks/items
  • Fly/movement mods
  • Wall hacks
  • Anything else that gives an unfair advantage

The following are allowed:

  • OptiFine (including Shaders) and Better Foliage
  • Resource Packs
  • Minimaps (assuming they do not reveal anything, as stated above)
  • Mods that only function in single-player or compatible servers (such as most Forge mods)

Utilizing glitches/exploits/loopholes in Minecraft, any of our plugins, or Discord, is not permitted. Please report these to Admins.

Note that Admins have the ability to track all player activity, and everything that happens in the game is logged.

Suspicious behavior, or attempts to interfere with the server, any players, or any Akenland service or website (including DoS attacks), will typically result in a permanent ban, at the discretion of Admins.

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