Server History

This server has been around for over five years now, and in those five years, quite a lot has happened. We’ve had many survival and creative worlds, many players have come and gone, and we’ve had some very memorable events. Eventually the plan is to get a timeline of the server’s history, however that is not done yet. Right now, here is a list of every major world we’ve had on the server.



Wolfia is the only world that has been here since the beginning and is still here. It’s always been our main world, and the one which the server is named after. We’ve had many great memories on Wolfia, from the first days, to the first major griefing (Arnie’s explosion), to the founding of our many towns, joining of many players who have shaped this server, the malls we’ve had, the arena battles, the complete randomness of things like Head Swap Thursday, and plenty more. Now, with the recently announced renovations to Wolfia, it’s still up and continues to be a survival world to this day.


Rykania was our first attempt at a new survival world. However, rather than just starting out on a normal new world, Kyle made a large, circular island, surrounded by a massive wall, with every mountain, lake, tree, and hill placed manually for a unique (although somewhat impractical) survival world. The idea only lasted a few weeks before it was officially shut down.


Creativia was our first Creative World, and the one we had the most fun on. We built many statues, Minigames, a few houses, Glenn Lochmann’s School of Learning, a giant “DOGC_KYLE” sign built by FlowerFox, various makeshift churches (leading to failed attempts to marry players of the server), an apartment complex, and much, much more.

The Chronicles of Runnach

Our first factions world, CoR, was our first attempt to create a customized factions experience. We had two premade factions, E Intwil (led by Sonic, with few other members), and The Dragons Flame, or TDF (led by DeadPhoneix, with Ender/Maddi, Delta, Alex, and several others). We also had a third faction, for Staff only, known by some as the Wizards, but officially as Owl’s Flame (led by Kyle and Andrew/Galvin, with Glenn, Crystal, and Flower). The staff faction had access to powerful weaponry as well as a heavily decorated city on their home island. While TDF was strongest in terms of numbers, Dead lived up to his name often and the weaker faction, E Intwil, raided them several times. The “wizards” were not directly part of the factions’ battles, but rather caused both trouble (mostly Kyle’s fault) as well as helping the other factions sometimes.

2013-09-22_00.08.49The Second Creative World

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2014-03-17_15.36.42The Chronicles of Rykania

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The Plague

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2014-08-20_12.12.09The Third Creative World

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