The World

The world is divided into four main regions, known as Farthings. The two most frequented regions are found on the main continent, the Akenland; they each have their own governments and culture. The other two make up the north and south wilderness, the lands that few dare to explore.

The Akenland Farthings


“The homeland of the wolves”

Making up the southwestern half of the Akenland, is the “land of the wolves”, Waramon. Founded by the werewolves of the Akenland, this was the start of the current era. In recent times, Waramon is still run by wolf descendants, but is also home to many explorers. Most stay within the capital, the City of Intwil, but there are other notable towns such as Gryston and Warburg.

Capital: The City of Intwil (spawn city)

Governed by the Clan of Waramon (Leader: Alpha Kyle Necrowolf)

Official currency: Emerald

Key Locations

Union Station, Necrowolf Manor, Waramon Square, Rykan Temple, Vanskorch Manor, Warcaston Arena, South Stronghold, Wolf Lord’s Castle


“The land of Aberdeen”

Started from the first non-Warg settlement in the current era, Eborin makes up the northeast half of the Akenland. The heart of Eborin is the great city of Aberdeen, built by explorers who feared unrest among the wolves’ empire, and set out to build an independent and unfearing nation.

Capital: The City of Aberdeen

Governed by the Thaindom of Eborin (Leader: Thain Galvin Nerth I)

Official currency: Eborite

Key Locations

The Apiceedra, Eborin Museum, Midas Arena, East Stronghold, Blood Mountains

The Wilderness Farthings


“The northern wilderness”

The land of Sholkingham includes all the northern wilderness, from the northern edge of the Akenland, to the town of the Farlands and even beyond. There are only a few major towns, such as Yongaron and Farlands, however there are several other small settlements. Other than that, it is nothing more than never-ending oceans and wilderness.

Sholkingham is a PvP Region – No central government, but the following factions are known:

  • The Kingdom of Yongaron (Leader: High King CT05)
  • The Farlands (Leader: Pharaoh FlowerFox)


“The mysterious southern wilderness”

Very few venture past the southern edge of the Akenland, into the wilderness that is Rùnnach. There are no known towns in Rùnnach (with the exception of the Aerin Isles, just off the Waramon coast); any form of civilization has seemingly been abandoned for years. There are legends of a powerful sword, known as E Quentor (or The Bringer of Death) which is said to be lost somewhere in these southern lands.

Rùnnach is a PvP Region – No central government, but the following factions are known:

  • The Aerin Isles (Leader: Rhomadi Altairin)


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