The Aunix, as one people, collected all their beliefs and values as one polytheistic religion: Ethrynism. Sacred script of mythic tales bore millennia past tell of Gods and Men forming the realms and Akenland. This is their story:

Table of Contents

  1. The Scroll of Creation
  2. Books of the Prophets
    • Book of the Gods
    • Book of the Realms
    • Book of Nature
    • Book of Man
    • Book of Magic
    • The Shadow scripts
  3. Rhomi Order Scrolls

The Scroll of Creation

From the ripples of creation the Gods were forged, first came Emith the God of light, Asar emerged as the God of Life, and finally from the fires of creation Yaenom, the god of Chaos became.  These three Gods were the universe for it was void of all else, seeing the emptiness of the abyss encompassing them it became clear their purpose.  The Gods set forth to weave a new reality populated with their own visions.

First Asar spoke into existence the Sprites of Order, then Emith dappled the expansive void with the great lights, and finally Yaenom began to mold the terrestrial realms.  Now pleased with their works, they descended upon the lands where they began to paint them bright with form.  Emith looked upon the barren lands and commanded the skies to erupt with vessels carrying waters to cover the terrain to cool each of the realms.  Yaenom, looking out over the mighty swells, brought forth the lands from the depths of the seas in great explosions of fire and rock.  Asar busied himself in the waters planting the seeds that would become the mightiest to the meekest of sea creatures.  He then turned to the lands where he grew the trees, grass, and flowers of the realms.

The seas bristled with many beasts great and small, while the lands turned grew bleak without moving beast.  Yearning for more, Asar called to the sea and commanded that beasts walk, creep, and slither in his gardens.  The three brothers now resting in the Gardens of the Great Realms had completed the task the universe had given them and they saw all their creation for its majesty.

Having placed all the realms into existence and the lights of the night they Gods were now tired and so they slumbered.  While the Gods were at rest each of the realms grew to be unique in their own wild forms.

Millennia into their slumber Yaenom awoke and saw the lands had overgrown and his creation buried deep beneath Asar’s blanket of life.  In an explosive tirade of fury and anger, he wrought death and famine on the lands, destroying vast swathes of lush green pasture and great beasts who ruled the land.  The God now awakened by the calamity sought retribution for the destruction of their collective works and after a great war between the three brothers; they banished Yaenom to the great void.  Tossing the universe into complete chaos of unbalance, the new goddess creation Faenma brought order once more.  Asar and Emith pleased with the realms slept once more leaving a curious Faenma to wonder and play.

Exploring realm by realm the Goddess discovered countless wonders, landscapes of plenty, life flourishing in the even the harshest of land.  She settled on one realm and plotted her new creation, humankind.  Many eons passed until her work bore the fruit of the first three.  Limiel and Aevii took their first steps into the safety of Faenma’s arms while Stranon’s curiosity led him to explore the world around him.

Yaenom, though banished, festered in his exile.  Corrupting the sprites into singing a new lullaby of destruction and chaos, he set them onto Faenma’s path to destroy her works and anger Asar once more.

Upon crossing Stranon, the Sprites of Chaos whirled in fury around him.  Lifting him from the ground, dismembering him limb by limb, and delivering his head to Faenma to close his eyes for the last time in all eternity.  Enraged Faenma cast the sprites into the shadows and cursed them that should they ever contact light they will instantly burst in flames cooking from their heart outwards.  Turning to her creators, she woke Asar and Emith to show them what Yaenom has done, Emith rushed to find Yaenom while Asar stayed back in fascination with a new being in his midst.

The Books of the Prophets

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