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The language has had some major modifications; however, you may use the guide below as a form of Old and Middle Thurèdo.


“Twälo ec cweso, tog ëm segural fa pëoɽä dendal ëoɽä!”

“Greetings and Welcome, join us on our server.”

Within the bounds of the Akenland you will notice that many of the towns have somewhat unique and unusual names.  These names are derived from a special language that is being developed for the server, that language is known as Dhurëdo.  This kind of language is known as a ConLang (or Constructed Language).

Some simple words to know

English Dhurëdo English Dhurëdo
Star Anotin(Aino) Town Dogan (Dran)
Water Cii(Ci) Tall Syno(Cedra)
Tree Teton(Cii) Building Hafin
Island Eldo Small Yat
Rock Gorfad Short Yundo
Wood Tylin Big Cyn(Apii)
Wool Wegrii Dark Calgyn
Field Yasinol Forest Tarton
Wolf Int Dragon Pagite
Snow Esplontii(Escil) Aberdeen Eboridiin
Desert Yilnot Jungle Cwanon
Ocean Ciinye River Lor
Mountain Monye Flower Siltha

This is a simplified spelling version, some characters do not like to copy over into Minecraft that are used in Dhurëdo.

You may also notice that some of the words are a bit different, during a word reform in Dhurëdo many words were changed, but kept their meaning archaically (which is anything in parentheses).

If a word is long then shorten it however you like, so let’s say we want to name a town River Flower.  You can go with Lor Siltha, Lortha, Lirtha, Silor, Silthor, or many other combinations however be mindful that there are many other words with many other meanings.

If you have questions regarding the language or would like to know the translation of a word, ask Kyle or Galvin in game. The language was developed by Galvin.


Common Names and Their Meanings

The following words are derived from Dhurëdo. You may notice that their meanings may differ from the above chart, this is simply due to the way words are reformed in Dhurëdo.

Ainoran: Star Town

Cidran: Water Town

Apiceedra: The Big Tree House

Intwil: Wolf Pack

Eborin: The Land of Aberdeen

Espilo: Forest of Falling Snow


The following words are not Dhurëdo, but rather are derived from other languages.

Waramon: Home Land of the Wolves

Warburg: Wolf Town

Warcaston: Wolf Stone Town

Akenland: Birth Land

Rùnnach: Mysterious Southern Lands

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